Friday, May 23, 2014

Thoughts on Blogging a Book Part 2 anda Blogathon Announcement

Back in January, I wrote a post called "Thoughts on Blogging a Book Part 1". 

(Thank you, those who commented and sent encouraging advice.  I didn't comment back, but it did mean a lot to me.)

Those who know me well will not be surprised that it took me nearly five months to post my "part 2". During that time, there was the tail end of my elderly mother in law's cancer treatment. A wisdom tooth extraction that was complicated (I only got discharged by the oral surgeon on Monday).  A couple of trips.  More care giving stuff (medical bills, my mother in law falling again, and more).  My back problem flaring up (and I'm not done with that yet, either.)

But now, in the next month, my care giving journey with someone with autism may be kicking into higher gear.

There are millions of children with autism in this country.  They are growing up. The first children of the "autism epidemic" in the United States are adults.  More become adults every day.  One day, their parents will be old.  What then?

I've blogged about autism on this blog, and maybe I haven't done it enough.  It is a part of my life that I should be sharing with my readers more.

I have a brother in law (in his 50's) who has autism.  I sometimes feel like a trailblazer - there is a lot of information out there for those who have young children with autism, or even teens, or young adult children.  But siblings in their 50's?

Not so much.

That's where I come in (maybe).

By blogging, I can give the parents and the siblings of these people a glimpse into what happens next.  I can give them a glimpse into my struggles - what my mother in law, and I, were able to accomplish with the help of others and what we failed at. I hope I can help others avoid the mistakes we made.

I've even thought about writing a book about this journey.  Not to be famous, not to have my book made into a movie.  Rather, I want to share what I've learned.  I don't know if I will ever have time, especially now, as my care giving efforts are increasing.  Time passes and my mother in law gets older every day. As do all of us.

Sometime in June, my spouse's guardianship application to become his brother's guardian will be heard in court.  During that time I will be spending even more time with both an aging my mother in law and the brother in law with autism.

Blogging, and looking into turning some of the posts into a book one day, could be a good first step to consolidate some of my thoughts.

I was hoping to use a 2014 WordCount Blogathon to kickstart this book.  The very first WordCount Blogathon I participated in (2011) made my blog what it is today - through it I found the Ultimate Blog Challenge and the rest is history.  I've also been blogging daily since late April of 2011 and I need a different challenge than just blogging daily.

So, my decision is made.  I am going to test the waters and devote a lot (not all) of my June blog to autism.  Maybe not to a book, but to something that may become a book.  This year, the Blogathon is a bit different, and seems to be concentrating on business bloggers, but I am still going to participate.

Right now I plan to keep my Spring Things (which will turn into a "Summer Something" when summer begins in June) but Sustainable Saturday and Civil War Sunday may not be regular features for June. We'll just have to see.

Please don't miss my flower pictures too much. (I can always insert some into the posts "just because".)  And, please, please don't leave me.  Don't let the word "autism" scare you, or think my June blog will bore you enough to click on that mouse or touchpad.

Even if you don't think autism will ever impact your life - it probably will.  One day.  And that one day may be sooner than you think, if you are having children, if you are having grandchildren, if you are an aunt or uncle.  Or if you work with children in any capacity.  Or if you have next door neighbors.  Or if you are living and breathing. (The blog will not debate the causes of the autism epidemic or even if there is one.  I'm focusing on our family situation.)

I value you, my readers, so much, even if I don't say it enough. (I don't).  I am going to ask that you take this journey with me.

See you at the 2014 Blogathon!


  1. Excellent post! It sounds like you have a lot of information about working with people with autism, and I think that it is important to spread knowledge about this. I think it is definitely a worthy goal to educate people about autism. I look forward to further blog posts about it!

  2. I like to read blog who like to share every day. I'm a very uneventful person and I can relate to people who are the same.
    Coffee is on

  3. Alana,
    Of course I'd keep reading your blog. I think this is an excellent idea of yours. Autism is a real and growing issue in today's world. People will be interested in learning more about it, and your particular situation--with an adult in the family with autism--is certainly unique, yet there must be others out there who are coping with it, as well. I appreciate you, and wish you the best in this new writing endeavour!

  4. About to go down the legal road on getting conservatorship and guardianship of my son. Should be interesting...


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