Sunday, June 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 2014-The Clouds and the Flowers

I was up early this morning, here in my zone 5b garden near Johnson City, New York, because I knew the sun wouldn't be out for long.

We've been having a rainy spell, with little sun.  So here I was trying to get some flower pictures in the early morning sun, to post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

For example, these heirloom petunias, with an upright growing habit I love.

Our first dahlia.
Chives towards the end of their flowering period, in my herb bed.

Allium bulgaricum.

Pansies and coleus.

But other flowers were not in the sun.  My last Kool Aid iris, which hung on just long enough for GBBD, allowed me the opportunity to take one last sniff of its heady, grape kook aid scent

Our wild rose, never planted by us, started to open its blooms Friday.  Here it was this morning.
In our back yard, our purple columbine still has some blooms. (this picture, taken at its peak, and in better light.)
The yellow bleeding heart, in the background, is still going strong this morning.
And, inside, a couple of flowers, too. One of my african violets, the only one blooming today.
And finally, a new flower for me.  Oncidium, an orchid. I bought this at our local flower show in early spring, with just the beginning of a flower spike.  The flowers came out earlier this week.  Now to see if I can get it to rebloom.  My two palenopsis orchids did re bloom, but one only gave me two flowers, and it didn't last long.  I think both need to be re potted.

I hope sunny weather will come our way again soon. Sure enough, our clouds for the day have gathered, and I'm happy I didn't tarry in my photography.

Please visit other gardeners participating in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and find out what is blooming all over the world today.


  1. Love the foliage on that dahlia. What a fantastic contrast with the flower.

  2. Lots of fun things in your garden just starting the summer circuit. Happy Bloom Day.

    Your indoor blooms are beautiful.I water my orchids when the Peace Lily wilts.

  3. Our lilies are finally starting to pop through (buds) and our hostas not far behind. Finally!

  4. I was visiting a garden and I saw a nice clump of that yellow bleeding heart but I didn't know what it was. I thought it might be some kind of columbine. Beautiful garden.

  5. I wish I had a green thumb like you do! Want to come to Utah and fix my garden?


  6. Beautiful flowers! Hope you'll be getting some sunny weather soon.


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