Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring Things- Urban Wildflowers

(Before I begin - for those worried about the cat in yesterday's post - no, he was not injured, and lived to an old age).  I will tell the rest of the story tomorrow.

You may be surprised to find wildflowers in an urban area but - wildflowers can be found in so many places.

Friday, I took a walk with a friend along the Chenango River in downtown Binghamton, New York. 
The Dame's rocket (Hesperis matronalis) this year is so beautiful that it is hard to remember that it is an invasive plant.  Strangely, while most people love the scent of this flower, I don't find it that pleasant. (I've blogged before about how I perceive certain scents, and my son is afflicted worse than I am.)
Virginia spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana) was growing nearby.
Wild grapes, which have just finished blooming.
A couple of miles away, in Otsiningo Park, we find ragged robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi) in a wet area of the park.

And finally, from the week before this, lawn daisies in Skaneateles, New York, which is near Syracuse. I found these flowers everywhere.   Some do not find these welcome at all, as they will take over a lawn if you let them.

It seems like spring has just begun, but it is almost over.  Next week is my last Spring Things.  What do you think I should feature?


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! We have spiderwort here and--talk about invasive! My goodness, I pull it out like weeds, it just grows so thick and fast. Your dames rocket is a different color than ours. I love that flower. Lovely photos, Alana!

  2. Especially like the Dame Rocket.. making the river bank look so much more cheerful.

  3. Beautiful photos. Wildflowers are always such a wonderful sight. They remind us that beauty can be found everywhere. I love the Dame Rocket and the Daisies.

  4. I love nature and every time I have time, I like to enjoy a walk in the beautiful nature. It is so relaxing! Your photos are very lovely!

  5. I love the white one, I want one! I've been on a plan in creating my own garden.

  6. Awesome! I love the white one. Creating a garden with a bunch of beautiful flowers is on my list.

  7. The delicate flower heads of wildflowers are the most beautiful of all. Trouble is, you need to be young and flexible to see them properly. I long to be able to bend right down to ground level. These flowers have every right to exist. They were here first--before the hybrids society values.

  8. The wild flowers are so beautiful.
    I'm lucky enough to live in the country in the UK & we have so many!

  9. I wonder if the botanical gardens on Front Street that got flooded a few years back had anything dislodge and float downstream, finding a new home.


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