Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reeling In the Years

 July 1.  The year is half over.

The older you get, the fastest time seems to go - I wonder why that is?
 Are you Reelin' In the Years?

Wasn't it just New Years?  Valentine's Day?  May Day?  Weren't the crocuses just blooming?

It seems like the snow was just melting about 5 minutes ago.  And now, tomorrow, we will probably have the hottest day of the year here in upstate New York.  The day after that, fall begins.

It's really time to pay attention to life - how quickly it speeds by.

Rural Roses, courtesy of my guest photographer
The first half of this year was pretty action packed - my mother in law treated for cancer, my spouse attending a court hearing to gain guardianship of his younger brother, who is developmentally disabled, a busy six months at my day job.  And now, it's already summer.

Soon, though, the ground will again be white.
Before I know it, the bitter winds of winter will be blowing.  And then spring, summer, fall, all in a huge blur, rinse and repeat.  That roll of toilet paper that seems to be life is spinning faster and faster.

"Stop time!" I want to scream. "How can I be half way through this year?"

How can I make time stop?

There's nothing like a challenge to focus me, and focusing on life really does seem to slow down time - for a while, anyway.  So, this month, I am participating in not ONE, but TWO blog challenges.

One is the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This may be the last one, so I need to make it good. 30 posts in 30 days.

The other one is a challenge I've only done once before - NaBloPoMo, "National Blog Posting Month.", brought to us by BlogHer.

Each month, NaBloPoMo encourages bloggers to sign up and blog on a certain theme.  This month's theme is Decades.  So, speaking of time speeding by - let's introduce the concept of Decades!

"This summer is BlogHer's 10th anniversary!" we are told.  Today, our prompt is "Tell us something YOU have been doing for ten straight years."

Well, at the rate time is flying, the next time I blink, ten more years would have passed. So, perhaps I shouldn't even think of what I've been doing for ten straight years.  Instead, I should concentrate on stopping time.

Actually, there is a lot my spouse and I have been doing for ten straight years, and even more years than that.  Community gardening. Flower gardening. Photography.  And, I've been blogging for five years, half a decade.  Speaking of my blog....

If you are new to my blog, welcome!  I post on the following schedule:

Wednesdays (hey, that's tomorrow!) is my Summer Ramblings weekly feature-anything to do with summer, but most probably flower pictures.

Saturday is Sustainable Saturday - local food, farmers' markets, community gardening, and more.

Sunday I had been doing a Civil War Sunday feature.  I suspended it in June; I may start it up again.

The rest of the time - anything goes.

Do you feel like time goes too fast?  Or have you found a way to slow it down?


  1. Time flies, half year has passed!

  2. Time does seem to move faster the older you get! You seem to have a lot going on and I admire you for taking on the UBC and NaBloPoMo despite that. Good luck with both.
    I'm on both too.

    1. Good luck with your double challenges, too. I am trying my best to treasure as many moments as I can.

  3. it is so crazy how fast time flies. I try to enjoy every moment, especially as my kids grow up. btw, I live in Phoenix-- we have no seasons here-- it's just the seasons of warm and HOT. lol

    1. Warm and hot...I'll be envying you come November, when our cold winds blow!

  4. Oh geez, Alana, time just flies. I just catch my breath at it. I can't believe that June--for example--is already gone. At the end of each day, I look back at what I've done and the precious people I have the privilege of spending my life with, and I am grateful. Thanks for the heads-up for the blog challenge NaBloPoMo. I joined it, too, as long as I'm blogging every day this month. (And we wonder why time goes so fast) *shaking head*.

    1. Oh, I'm so happy to know you are blogging daily this month. You are so busy - I'm glad you will be able to share July with me and your other readers.

  5. You've had an eventful 6 months!
    Life does really fly by doesn't it?
    I find it hard to believe that I left high school 6 years ago. So much has happened since then!

  6. I WISH I knew how to slow time down! My hubby and I are always saying how quickly time is passing. And like you said, the older we get the quicker it goes. I remember being a young mom and wondering what my children would be like when they grew up. It seems to take forever to get from one phase of child rearing to another. Now they are grown and out of the house ('cept this last one), and I am screaming 'WHERE DID ALL OF THE TIME GO?!?!?!?!?!' Uugh. If someone figures out a way to slow up time, PLEASE let me know! LOL


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