Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Late the Sweet Blackbirds Sang

My spouse and I have been walking on the Vestal Rail Trail in Vestal, NY (a trail created from an old railroad right of way) for years.

We've enjoyed a wetlands at one end of the trail (no longer an end because the trail was extended last month, but to me it will always be an end).  We used to enjoy seeing the red winged blackbirds, the males with the red mark on their wing. When we saw them in the wetlands, we knew spring was here.

They would perch on the cat tails, each (I imagine) guarding its own territory. We would enjoy their calls all through the summer.

These blackbirds were common to the land we owned so many years ago in Arkansas.  They are memories of our youth.  I am not a birder, but I love birds.  I always have.

We hadn't been to the Trail in two or three weeks.  We went there yesterday for our exercise walk.

And this was the wetland.  Or, rather, that was where it used to be.

This is what was left, as yesterday, in a far corner.

Why?  I ask myself.  I can't seem to find the answer online.  Why did someone dig it up?

A sad day.


  1. You may be able to get more answers from your local park administration if the rail road is administered, or your local county or city government.

  2. Hey Alana

    I am glad you could enjoy some beautiful moments at this wetland! #HUGSSSS Yes, it is sad that they dug it up though, but you still have amazing memories to cherish.

    Love your zest for life...


  3. Alana, I wonder if some maintenance worker thought s/he was improving a nasty bog by churning the soil and water? Or did someone drive the wrong vehicle through there and chew it up? If I recall correctly, Broome County has Supervisors. It would be interesting to shake those trees. Blessings!

  4. Alana, I'm sad your wetland area got plowed up. I wonder if some Parks person thought they were freshening it up, by plowing? Or if someone drove the wrong vehicle through there and did it accidentally? If not the Parks office, the Broome County Supervisor for that area will be interested.


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