Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Ramblings - Music in the Twilight Zone

Remember Rod Serling?  Remember The Twilight Zone?

Rod Serling grew up on the West Side of Binghamton. on a street named after the first mayor of Binghamton.  He played in a park called Rec Park.  Rec Park is a gem of a park, with lots of green, a swimming pool, tennis courts, statues, and a carousel that is perpetually free, thanks to the generosity of a long ago businessman.
In fact, our Triple Cities is considered the "Carousel Capital" of the country, with six operational Herschell carousels - all free to ride.

Each August there is a music festival, free to the public, in Rec Park.
People gather among the trees.
Local bands played in the bandstand where Serling carved his initials as a child.
The same bandstand, long distance.
In the distance, the building that houses the historic 1925 carousel. (Readers! Would you like me to blog more about our carousels?)

And, a peek at one of the carousel panels that pays tribute to Serling . This one shows Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man".

Do you have a local festival during the summer?


  1. we have a few festivals where I am, some of them bigger professional affairs, some of them smaller events - they do seem to go down well don't they - very nice pictures here, looks good,
    cheers, Gordon

  2. I'd like to see the carousel animals!


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