Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sustainable Saturday - The Crickets

My spouse and I were walking on the Vestal Rail Trail, and suddenly we realized something was missing.

There are sounds and smells you associate with each of the four seasons in upstate New York.  But today,on the 2nd of August, there was something missing - crickets.

Last week, we walked there, and didn't hear the crickets.

Turns out, in my blog, I've recorded what I've come to call "C" day.  Here are three past entries:

July 30, 2009
July 22, 2010
July 30, 2011

Today, as we got to one end of the rail trail, we thought we heard some.  At least, it isn't cause for concern yet.  It's "only" August 2, so we still have time.  And, we actually had a late spring, so this may have something to do with it.
The sound of crickets, to me, is the warning call, the message that the summer will be ending in September, that the hot weather we sometimes complain about will be replaced with cold winds and icy sidewalks.

If only it was an endless summer.
But the goldenrod is blooming. The blackberries are ripening. Can the crickets be far behind?


  1. NOOOOOOO! With this crappy summer weather we've been having, my husband and I have been hoping for an "Indian Summer!" This has been such a disappointing summer!!

    1. There's still time for summer to turn itself around, but not much. Let's hope.

  2. I dread the end of summer as well, Alana! In this part of the woods, when we hear the the sound of the cicadas we know that the end of summer is nigh. Alas, and alack. We must comfort ourselves with thoughts of pumpkin pie, warm woolly sweaters, and long walks amongst the rustling leaves. Hopefully we still have some summer left, though.

    1. Fall is a marvelous time in upstate New York - a lot to look forward, that's true. Thank you for the attitude adjustment.

  3. Since this is mid summer and we have way to fall. Usual I start listening for the owl to return.

    Coffee is on

  4. This season is extended here in England too. We've never had such a hot summer. The crickets are probably totally in tune with the season. Be prepared for more heat. Listen to Mother Nature!

  5. We had a gorgeous June & July, but August has been horrific so far! It seems to becoming the way now!

  6. A beautiful post..l can visualize the imagery portrayed during the change of the season. Visiting from UBC.


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