Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sustainable Saturday - A Slice of Heaven

It is August in New York State. The fresh tomatoes are coming in fast.

It is time for my favorite sandwich of all time.  This is my deep dark secret.

But now, dear readers, you know my secret. (Even if it is a sideways secret, because I can't get the photo turned right.)  Look at the photo.

On top:  our own fresh tomatoes, sliced.
On the bottom:  Slices of whole wheat Monk's Bread  (yes, baked by monks elsewhere in New York State.) smeared with South Carolina's famous Duke's Mayonnaise. (Due to being on Weight Watchers, it is light mayonnaise.)  Duke's mayonnaise is available where we live now in at least one supermarket! Oh, happy, happy day.

(The butter is for another part  of the meal - sweet corn, but I digress.)

Yes.  I am making a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.  

This is the recipe:

Take room temperature (tomatoes should not be refrigerated - did you know that?) tomatoes, preferably heirloom for taste reasons.  Take bread  Add mayo.  Eat.  What could be simpler? What can sustain a person better?

And that's it!  (I don't bake bread anymore - sigh - this would be even better with homemade bread.)

I wait for this time of year, with baited bread and mayonnaise, knowing I will have this sandwich.

Do you have a secret food favorite?


  1. Tomato sandwiches are perfect summer food! My mouth waters just thinking of them. Thank you for sharing your secret! ;)

  2. I LOVE tomato and mayo sandwiches! I put a little salt and tons of black pepper on it. Can't be cracked pepper, even though I have to have cracked on anything I put pepper on (which ain't much)! Except for frying up some mushrooms, that has to be the old fashioned pepper too. Oh em gee. I want a tomato sandwich!

  3. You have inspired me to throw together a similar sandwich post. Some people cringe at my two I have in mind. LOL But they're crazy.

  4. Your sandwich looks fantastic. But I suspect the taste is due to home-grown tomatoes, which we don't have.
    My favorite sandwich is wholemeal bread, naturally, spread with margarine and Vegemite (a dark slaty Australian yeast product) and filled with sliced avocado. That's my idea of a heavenly sandwich.

  5. We always put our tomatoes in the fridge! (Whoops!)
    I love black pepper, but I tend to avoid adding extra salt.


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