Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Fancies -The Transition

Fall has come to the Binghamton, New York area where I live.  Fall is meeting summer and preparing to take over.

Our weather, this week, is actually warming up and is sunny and pleasant, but the plants aren't fooled.

The trees are starting to turn color

 Bee on an aster, along the Chenango River in downtown Binghamton.
Also along the Chenango River in downtown Binghamton, asters and goldenrod bloom side by side.

Sedums are coloring up.

"Burning" bushes are coloring up.  This one from today is in the library garden at the Broome County Library in Binghamton, New York.

Soon enough, with the first frost, summer will give way to fall.  For some, it is the best time of year.

My "Summer Ramblings", in honor of the second day of fall, have transitioned into "Fall Fancies". Every Wednesday until winter, I will blog about something seasonal.

Do you live in a four season climate? What is your favorite season, and why?


  1. I wish I lived in an area with four seasons. I live in Phoenix. I dream of colored leaves. :)

  2. I live in Florida. We do have four seasons here, but you have to look for them. Of course, sometimes we have three seasons in one day. Love your photos!

  3. Such beautiful captures....So wonderful...I love fall and the colours it brings..

    Random Thoughts Naba...Welcome Fall!......

  4. Yes, I live with four seasons, though at least once years ago, it seemed we went right from summer to winter. However, though we generally have nice summers, two years in a row (last year and the year before, the month of June was so cold that emergency shelters reopened). Autumn can extend into Indian summer which is always nice especially where I live - Vancouver BC area - as the rainy season is long extending from fall to spring. We sometimes get snow. My favourite season though is spring for many reasons: longer days, warmer temperatures (usually), rebirth of flowers! ; ) <3

  5. So jealous Alana - you are surrounded by such brilliant colors. Thank you for sharing them with us. Also, I am having so much fun travelling to different people's hometowns via their blogs. Asiya Fathima took us to Little England in India!
    In response to your question: In Israel we have four seasons, but they are not as dramatic as in other places. Our summers and falls are hot and dry. Then one day the rain comes for a visit and the weather can change overnight. If we are lucky, the rain stays for five months or so. Then spring arrives with the glorious feeling of rebirth and rejuvenation. HUGS <3


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