Friday, September 26, 2014

Fog and Fall

Would we appreciate fall as much as things looked the way they do every day of the year?

Perhaps that is the true reason why we don't get 12 months of fall here in upstate New York (or anywhere else, I don't think.)
Here, we commonly get morning fog in late summer and early fall. I love the muted colors in this shot taken today in downtown Binghamton, New York.

This building, the Perry Building, is an amazing blue in the noonday sun. Here, it looks more grey.  In the fog you can see another historic building damaged by a fire, the Press Building, behind it.

Our library, on the edge of downtown, has a garden.  A historic mansion (Phelps Mansion) and a historic church are in the background.
At lunchtime, the sun is out brightly, in this long shot showing trees starting to turn and the small downtown Binghamton farmers market.
After work yesterday, I saw red trees blazing on Grand Boulevard on the West Side of Binghamton.  Despite the clouds we had yesterday, it was so pretty.

Would we pay attention to trees if they looked like this every day of the year?  I doubt it. Instead, we have fall foliage forecasts with predictions as to when peak foliage will occur.
I don't know what kind of trees these are.  They are already brown, as you can see in this photo taken tonight, but someone has dressed them up with orange bows, and mums along the ground add more color.

Fog and fall go together in upstate New York just like - well, fog and fall.

What kind of weather are you experiencing right now?


  1. What a great peek into your neck of the woods. You are ahead of us in Spokane, Washington in the changing of the leaves. My favorite times of year are Spring and Fall when the shifts happen. We are having sunny days and the evenings are getting a bit cool. I love living where there are four seasons! Time to pull out a sweater and a new sewing/craft project.

  2. You are ahead of us in Pennsylvania, too! I love the autumn. We have some maple trees across the street but I haven't noticed them changing colors yet. I used to run outdoors in the fall with my dog when he was able to but these days, he can hardly hobble across the apartment. Love upstate New York, and I have a high school classmate who lives right there in Binghamton!

  3. Wow, I remember the Phelps Mansion without the mansard roof. I guess it was reconstructed at some time in the recent past.


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