Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sustainable Saturday - I'm Not the Only One

There was an amazing aurora borealis visible over the northeastern United States last night but we had a cloudy evening in the Binghammton, New York area. (Surprise!) By 11pm it was breaking up but I was too tired to want to travel somewhere without city lights to see it.

But today, at the Vestal, New York farmers market, I saw another natural color display.
I pulled my iPhone (still a 4S) out as I passed display after display.  One farm in particular, Bloodnick Farms in Appalachin, provided the raw materials for some (not all) of these photos.
Bloodnick Farms- Local Fresh Picked Lettuce

Beans, beets, and a little carrot.
Laughing Crow Farms, Nanticoke, NY

Kale and cabbage

And heirloom cherry tomatoes.

As I snapped pictures, Lisa Bloodnick from Bloodnick Farms smiled at me.  She struck up a conversation, saying "I saw you take a picture of my lettuce." and we quickly found out we had something in common.

Our phones were both stuffed full of pictures of plants, flowers, vegetables and other natural things.  Laughing, she got out her phone and showed me her personal Facebook page.

Her cover photo was a picture of her lettuce field.

I'm not the only one who uses veggies and fruits as their cover photos!

If you check out my blog's fan page on Facebook, Ramblin' with AM, you'll see some of my past posts and cover photos.  Give me a "like" and leave a comment if you like what you see.

What do you like to take pictures of?


  1. I love the colors that fruits and veggies offer for pictures for sure! But I like to photograph people the most :)

    1. People are indeed a fascinating subject for photography. Photographing veggies and flowers, in some ways, is easy. On the other hand, people are ever changing and their moods influence their looks.

  2. Gorgeous photos - I love the bright colours of fresh fruits and vegetables. And thanks for sharing your FB page - I've liked it!

  3. AM,
    I love your photographs! They're colorful and inviting. I want to go shopping at the vegetable market! Do you use Instagram? I always hear about that program! Your photographs look very nice set off from the pink background. Nice composition! I like taking photographs of cultural events. Love seeing traditional clothing and capturing something in my photo, which lends itself to discussion of a cultural point. Enjoyed your post!!

  4. Hey Alana

    Dang it - I LOVEEEE your pictures, lady!

    More importantly, your love for nature melts my soul! #HUGSS

    Keep clicking and penning ;)


  5. Wow, the cherry tomatoes is so perfect. Lucky you

  6. Most of the colors are green and purple, with the exception of the tomatoes and even there a bit of purple has slipped in. It's amazing--I'd never thought of purple as being a featured vegetable color. Beautiful--all.

  7. I always love your pictures, Alana!


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