Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Fancies - 50 Shades of Color

There have been years when there was snow on the ground on November 5 in upstate New York.
November 3, 2014
And then, there are years when flowers are still in bloom.

Yesterday, in Binghamton, New York, it got up to 66 degrees (almost 19 Celsius) - speaking of crisp fall days, this wasn't one of them.

The trees are giving us their final show of color, before weather later this week sweeps the last of the leaves off the trees.
There are bright red trees.
Maroon trees.
Yellow trees.

And even trees in bloom. (OK, a shrub - a fall blooming forsythia that blooms every fall.)
November 13, 2013
Alas, all too soon, the green will be replaced by what some of us call the "S" word.  And, at this time of year, we actually risk a lot of trouble if leaves stay on the trees too long.  The early snow will stick to any leaves still on the trees and down come branches - and, sometimes, even trees.

The snow will be here any day.

In the meantime, I'm grateful for the last days of fall weather.  Maybe I didn't show you 50 shades today, but I hope I showed you a good sample.

Did you have a day filled with color?


  1. The snow, any day indeed, but lets enjoy autumn's final moments. Beautiful pictures. I love the vivid reds and yellows of those trees. How nice to still see flowers in bloom too. I can't believe the south got snow this year before New York :)

  2. SO lovely, Alana. The colors get brighter and brighter and more breathtaking and then--boom!--they fade overnight, it seems, to gray. And it's winter. Boo. (NOT a winter person, but I do really enjoy the fall like a crazed lunatic.)

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I love seeing the changing colors of the trees. My favorite season in Autumn.


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