Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sustainable Saturday - November Browns

It is November 1.

Yesterday, downtown Binghamton, New York was filled with office workers.  But change was in the air.

The last farmers market for downtown Binghamton was yesterday.  Few people showed up at noon, as the vendors bundled up against the cold.

Our community garden is closed until next year (and, happily, it looks like there will be one next year.)

The growing season is over.  Brown is the color of the day.  Brown leaves fall from trees.  Brown foliage lies where green was just a few days ago.

The farm stands are closed, their once overflowing wooden bins empty.  Just last week, they overflowed with apples, cabbages, and cauliflower.

The pumpkins and gourds are gone, all hopefully going to good homes.

This morning, the realities of winter bear down on us as our farmers markets move indoors.  This is the last day of daylight savings time. Why do we do this, anyway?

It's time to hunker down and make some late fall dishes.  This week, I might just share one of those recipes with you.

What are you doing today?


  1. I love your pictures. My kids were wishing for snow today!!!! Halloween's over, Christmas is on their mind. Little do they know we still have two months... we are going to play outside today and take the dogs to the park. Can't wait for your recipes!

  2. Hey Alana! I love your photos in this post. Fall colors make for some beautiful photos. What am I doing today? We are digging into some work in the basement, which badly needs a remodel. Bit by bit, we're working on walls and ceilings. *yawn* I'd personally rather be outside, but it's cold and windy out.

  3. I look forward to reading about your late fall dishes - and yes I live in the mountains and it is cold, foggy and just making us want to hunker down and get cozy - Summer was over quickly for us! Love your photos :)

  4. I really enjoyed your post. I live close to the mountains, and they got aver a foot of snow. Here in the valley we just got spits of snow, none stuck. Oh well, it is early yet. I look forward to reading about what you will make as fall dishes!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Winter is in the air, but not here yet. I'm not looking forward to it.

  6. I know you are talking about the leaves and nature in this blog, but look at that fabulous architecture of the buildings. The colors of the trees really make the buildings stand out.

  7. It's still mild here in southern England and the leaves are falling. Brown all around. I love brown. That's a hang-over from the 60s--hehe. In England, we use daylight saving to ensure it's not dark when the children leave school for home. They, the powers that be, think it's safer.

  8. Your pictures are always lovely. It has been cold and rainy in the North West of England. Brrr!


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