Monday, December 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Dec 2014-Rain and Clouds

It's December 15, and we all know what that means.

It's cold!  It's dreary! There's snow on the ground!  And it's time, here in my upstate New York garden, near Johnson City, for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, brought to us the 15th of each month by May Dreams Gardens.

By December, we in the cold climes of the Northern Hemisphere are dreaming of May, every one of us, thinking of warm breezes and outdoor flowers and the actual sun shining in the sky.

I want to be thinking of white flowers...

A couple of months ago, there was a tomato plant in this pot
....instead of this kind of white from earlier this month.

It has been so cloudy and drizzly, I am just grateful we haven't had much in the way of freezing rain these last three days.

But let's move indoors, shall we, and see what is blooming in my house just as fall ends.

The African violet I purchased in November at a garden center open house is blooming its little heart out.  And, I have no idea why my iPhone rendered the colors the way it did.  The ones in back are the true color.

I have one geranium flower left on the plants I took indoors.
My Thanksgiving cactus don't know it isn't Thanksgiving anymore.  My yellow cactus, which seems to be somewhat shy, decided to open up over the weekend.

And, the pink cactus I bought at the same open house as the African violet just finished its last blooms.  A poinsettia I purchased on Black Friday at Home Depot is in the background.

My kalanchoe has buds, but it isn't going to bloom today.  Threatened by whiteflies, I hope it makes it through winter.

If you click on the link above to May Dream Gardens, you will be able to click links for gardens all over the world and see what others have in bloom today.

Do you have flowers indoors or outdoors today?


  1. It does look cold over there! I wish I could share some of the heat and humidity with you even for a little while. You do have some lovely colour indoors. That yellow Schlumbergera is gorgeous, and so is your little African Violet. I have never had any success with AVs. They really don't like the humidity here during our summers.

  2. African violets are not something that I grow. Yours looks super despite the vagaries of the phone. Your Geranium is pretty; I always mean to have Geraniums and never get around to actually buying one.

    I do have flowers in bloom, inside and outside. I too have a yellow Cactus and a pink and others. My Kalanchoes are not blooming. It has not been an auspicious season for outdoor plants but I found a bloom or two.

  3. Beautiful photos! I will have to enjoy your plants vicariously, as with two crazy cats in the house we don't dare introduce live plants into the mix! So thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Snow doesn't cover the ground here in AZ. Instead, we finally get to enjoy the outside weather, and those of us who garden get to get our hands dirty and watch things sprout and bloom. Your indoor garden looks lovely, especially that blooming cactus. Cactus blooms are always so bright and vibrant.

  5. That violet is just lovely - makes me long to try them again. Your cacti and geraniums are very pretty, also. Just the things to warm up a cold winter day.

  6. Oh boy, now I'm wanting an African violet. The one you have is a beauty. I've always liked them but I'm not sure why I don't have any! Stay warm and happy GBBD!

  7. Indoor plants for me today, too, of course! Sadly, my normally reliable African violets are in a dark period right now, so I couldn't use them! Maybe in January!

    All of my cactuses were done before Thanksgiving.

    I had to buy a poinsettia from Agway today. Normally I buy two to support my kids' chorus and band, but between the choral director having a baby three weeks earlier than expected and the school having three consecutive snow days last week, that fundraiser never got organized this year!

  8. I always enjoy your lovely flower photos! And that's great that you can grow them indoors during the winter months.

  9. We had african violets in the house growing up. So very pretty. And it's nice to see the flowers forget the time of year and bloom year round.

  10. I did it as hobby long ago, but now with a changed place & life style I only enjoy watching and appereciating others' efforts....lovely pics

  11. I take it you strongly identify with your kalanchoe, since you made it sound as if you're the one threatened by whiteflies! I hope your kalanchoe pulls through.


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