Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy December Natal Anniversary Baby

This card is going to look familiar to a reader of my blog, who is also a family member.

That's because we have something in common.  In fact, our birthdays are only a day apart.

We are December birthday babies. Or, as a friend calls birthdays, our "natal anniversaries".

Not only that, our birthdays are close to Christmas, as are a third family member's.

I'm only following a family tradition.  My father's father, deceased for many years now, was born on December 26.

So, I know what it is like to have your birthday swallowed up in what our country calls "The Holidays". And I do mean swallowed up.

I decided to google "having a birthday near Christmas" and Google gave me 65,300,000 results.  So I can't be the only person who wonders about this.

Many of the returns were along the lines of "why Christmas birthdays are the worst", but there are two schools of thought here for us in that situation, which depends on your family and personal traditions.  (In this, I include people of all religious faiths, as there are other religious holidays besides Christmas in December.  But in our country, the modern Christmas is - face it - rather overpowering.)

1.  It really stinks.  You get a combined gift for your tradition's holiday and for your birthday, and your birthday is swallowed up whole, never to be seen again.

2.  Wow, everything is all decorated, and people are celebrating, and it's really a wonderful time, isn't it?  It's an honor to be born on or around a sacred holiday.  And, the best part of birthdays means that you are alive, and there are a lot of people out there fighting daily for that privilege. 

I have bounced between #1 and #2.  In fact, for several years, I asked my job (which will have a little gathering with cake or whatever with your co-workers) to celebrate my birthday in January.

One thing having a December holiday birthday does is teach you that life, and birthdays, are a lot more than gift giving occasions. I am grateful daily for the opportunity to wake up.  But, when you are young, it can be tough.

As I age, though, I find this birthday dilemma matters less and less.  In some ways, age becomes, more and more, just a number, especially when one candle for each year of your life would require a full sheet cake.  With a fire extinguisher.

So, regardless of your religious faith, if you have a birthday today, or in the next several days, I wish you all the most wonderful birthday possible.

Are you a December birthday person?  What have your experiences been?


  1. Hey Alana, I love the card it's really lovely!
    I feel really lucky to have my birthday almost exactly 6 months after Christmas (June 20th.)
    Quite a few members of my family have winter birthdays and I feel sorry for them.

  2. My birthday is actually in February, but I know someone who's birthday is the day before Chrismas! And my Aunt has a December birthday too.

  3. Hi, That's really nice! My daughter was born late November, and my other daughter born January, on both sides of the holidays.

  4. My mother has a December birthday on the 15th, and it does make it hard to buy for her because we end up buying for her twice in the month.

  5. Hi Alana :)

    Enjoyed your post, there is always so much inspiration :) Thank you!

  6. My birthday is ON Christmas day. You're right about it not mattering much as the years go by. But growing up, it was terrible. I never had a birthday party. I could never have a friend over for my birthday. And almost everyone (except my parents and my godparents) forgot about it entirely so I didn't even get a combined gift...just the one. Now it's not so bad. I'm used to it!

    Happy birthday!

  7. Yes, I was born in December as were two of my siblings. When I was small, my mom decided to celebrate my birthday sometime in January. It took me years to remember what date was my birthday because I got confused.


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