Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sustainable Saturday - It's a Challenge

This will be my last Sustainable Saturday post.  Starting next Saturday, I will change this feature to "Local Saturday" so I can expand the theme to include anything of local interest, either where I live in upstate New York, or anywhere I happen to be visiting.  I hope you enjoy the changes.

From time to time, the "locavore" store I frequent, Old Barn Hollow in Binghamton, New York, has featured greens grown by Finger Lakes Fresh.

This is not your ordinary grower.

Rather, they are operated by Challenge Workforce Solutions, a non-profit whose mission is to provide opportunities for people with challenges - mental, physical, and developmental.  Because I have a brother in law with a developmental disability called autism, I always have an interest in these types of products.

Unlike some non profits who serve people with disabilities, Challenge Workforce Solution also works with people who have addictions.

But guess what?  We can't patronize non profits "just because".  Their product has to be good.

What's my verdict?

Finger Lakes Fresh produce is competitively priced, and it is good!  We've had their Boston lettuce...

and their Baby Pak Choy.

Do you have a local grower, or industry, that benefits people with disabilities?


  1. To be completely honest, I have no idea! I should really look into that. It's amazing a company will give back like that and to people who suffer from addictions (which runs in my family!)

    1. There are many amazing businesses in the Ithaca area (about an hour from where I live, near Binghamton, New York) I hope you find an organization like this in your area.

  2. What a great organization - and great that the product is well-priced and good to boot! I'm not sure if there is such an organization in my area, but will have to look into it.

    1. I hope you find an organization like this. I wish there was something like that where my brother in law lives, but his options are somewhat limited.

  3. I didn't know about this product and it's background. I'll be on the lookout next time i go grocery shopping.

  4. That's a great question and one I should look into. There is a possibility though not sure, yet. ;) <3

  5. I have never heard of them before. Perhaps it's because I'm from the UK!
    They sound like a good company, though.
    -Thanks for your helpful comments on my blog!


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