Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Wonders - Warmth

My word for 2015 is DIFFERENT.

So, instead of posting some pictures of winter weather taken where I live in upstate New York, I am going to post some different winter pictures, for a change.

If you come to my blog for pictures of snow, come back again.  Eventually, there will be lots of Winter Wonders posts full of snow.

Just not today.

These are pictures I took, in the winter of 2013, in Florida, on Sanibel Island.

Winter butterfly and a flower.
Birds on a wintry beach.  We freeze, they bask in a breeze.
And an orchid made of shells.  Any orchid outside my home right now would be a dead orchid.

Ah, Florida.

Now doesn't that make you feel warm?

Warmth, when the wind is blowing outside, and it is cold.  Oh, so cold.

I like feeling warm. It feels so.....DIFFERENT.

What about you? Do you like being warm, or cool?


  1. Not sure what my word should be in 2015.
    Coffee is on

  2. Love the butterfly! Desperately wish I was at the beach as temps here are almost down to single digits.

    I like being warmishly cool. :-) Oh, and my word for 2015 is FINISH.

    Awesome pics!

  3. Different. That's different, Alana. And these photos were certainly different from what I expected today. You're buried under a blanket of snow, there in NY, aren't you? It's 2 degrees here (the high today) so I'd love to be someplace DIFFERENT. :(

  4. Gorgeous pictures also not what I expected, but that is good. Why should you give us the expected. We would get bored and stop coming to see you Again. just beautiful.

  5. Nice pictures especially the orchid one. Florida is the place to be in US's winters. Well for me I would prefer cool when it's too hot and would prefer warm when its too cold. Luckily I live in Bangalore, India which has the best weather in the whole world. It remains pleasant for whole of the year, never too hot never top cold.
    I blog at

  6. Give me warmth any day. I'm in Michigan and it's cold! Thanks for sharing your Florida winter pictures. Kinda makes me want to go there for a couple of months. Peace!

  7. Funny, I live in Florida. It has been 86 and 76, respectively. I moved here from Charleston, WV, and don't miss that white stuff one bit. As for flowers, I became a member of our local garden club today and we had a guest florist (who works in China 2 months out of the year) and he did some amazing arrangements for us, some including orchids just as you have shown above. He explained the difference in Asian arrangements and the typical ones we usually have. First they start with using all natural items, vase, bamboo, etc. He made 6 for us and they were all visually stunning, simple yet elegant. I love flowers and the ones you have pictured are very beautiful. Nothing like giving everybody a good dose of what to look forward to in the months ahead.

  8. you'll laugh when I tell you that we are shivering here at 24 degrees C. Thank you for reminding us how cold , cold can really be!

  9. Your first picture is beautiful, Alana. I really love your attention to detail. Photography is something I have never been good at!

  10. Trying again. My fault the comment didn't reach you. I clicked sign out instead of publish. I like warm weather best, having spent the first 45 years in Australia. I love the seagull picture, which would make a great book cover.

  11. I've never, in my wildest dreams, thought of going to Florida. But now that I have a daughter who lives in NYC and who has "hopped down there" a couple of times, the destination interests me. Maybe someday I will go there with her...


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