Friday, February 27, 2015

A Wintery Walk

I sometimes don't understand why some of my blog readers seem to have an endless appetite for m me blogging about winter and snow.  Either misery loves company, or some people enjoy my whining about winter.

Or, they are tired of those endless, sunny days some of them experience (at least, my Florida friends on Facebook seem to experience those days) and want a break from their happiness.

Well, folks.  I live to serve.

Sunday it got up to the high 30's F (about 3 C) before it plunged down again to the lowest temperatures in many years.  I donned my snow sneakers (would you like me to blog about them?) and spouse and I headed out to the Vestal Rail Trail in the Triple Cities of upstate New York to enjoy the heat wave.  And trust me, when you've had several nghts plunging into the below zeroes, 38 degrees above feels Florida.
The sumacs are still holding on to their berries.  Have you ever eaten sumac berries in some form?  That could be the subject of another post.
Another nature photo.
A bench, almost buried.
The edge of the trail.  The sign facing the camera invites you to a business at one end of the trail that sells food and drink, saying "Exercise your right to refreshment!"

Finally, icicles have formed on many buildings, including this one.  Not Boston massive, but they can still do enough damage.

Although these pictures look dreary, they were actually taken in early afternoon.

So what keeps me going?
Otsiningo Park, Binghamton on a July day
Knowing that, someday, one day, a walk in the park will look like this, and I can shed my snow sneakers.

We may have a major snowstorm on Sunday.  But after that, I think (I hope) we have finally turned the corner towards spring.

How is your weather today?


  1. Alana, if you will blog about your sneakers, I will draw a picture of mine for my Sketchbook Thursday. ;) The weather here? COLD, with weekend forecasts for snow. It's -3 as I write, but it is supposed to climb all the way up to 22 degrees today, so I shan't complain. Much. Your readers like your blogs about weather, Alana, because your complaining is tongue-in-cheek, and--gosh!--you have a lot to blog about, weather-wise, in your part of the country this winter! Stay warm, my friend!

    1. Yes, my Nebraska friend, I will blog about my snow sneakers soon! And alas, sorry to report that you are going to be getting colder and we (maybe) will be getting warmer.

  2. Your weather is oppsite of North Idaho.
    Coffee is on

    1. Yes, you are right, and actually, in the weather world, that makes a kind of sense. Maybe next year it will be mild for us and not for you.

  3. Snow sneakers?! I have no idea what that is as I never heard of that before! The weather in Vancouver, BC area is about 10 degrees at its warmest today, but really cold tonight to about 0 or -1 (well, cold for this area). ;) <3

    1. Monday, I am going to blog about my snow sneakers (hopefully). The weather this year is so unbalanced. Hope it warms up for both of us soon.

  4. I don't know why your winter is so severe there, Alana. We've had a very mild season here in England. Yesterday a warm sun shone all day, which was good for us because the windows had to remain open to let out paint fumes. Today, it's dull grey. The roses have sprouted leaves already.

    1. It may be warm for you because it is cold for us. Things are so unbalanced this year. Climate change is taking its toll.

  5. On the day you posted this, we had a slight snowfall in the morning. Nothing that would stick, but things are still chilly, although nothing compared to what you have.

    My NYC daughter was able to escape to Miami for a long weekend -- it's in the 80s there! Hopefully it will do her good as this winter is long, long, long, and also not very practical for getting around the city. I hope her flight back on Tuesday won't be disturbed by snow!


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