Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An A to Z Challenge and an April Rose

Tomorrow the Blogging from A to Z Challenge begins.  This is a big thing in the blogging world.

We all know what it is like to overcome challenges.  This one sounds so simple.

On April 1 you blog about something beginning with the letter A.  On April 2, something beginning with the letter B.  Rinse and repeat (rinsing is optional), six days a week.  We get Sundays off, so I will continue my Civil War Sundays series.

A lot of people like to preplan their posts.  Quickly, you learn that you have tons of ideas for "C" and not so many for, say "Q".  But I am what is called, in the trade, a "pantser".  I don't like to plan.  So I did preplan some posts for the first week but after that, it may just be a high wire act.

Watch the blogger and see if she falls, splat, right on her face!  But I do have some ideas.

For example, my "A" post will be about Autism, although my theme for the month is going (I hope) to be "America the Beautiful".  And, "America" includes Canada, plus the United States.  (Something tells me, though, a lot of the posts are going to center on North or South Carolina, and New York State.)

The A for Autism post, though, is because (as my regular readers know) I have a brother in law with autism.  He will be challenging us in the coming years, and whatever the future brings to him will challenge him, too.

After that? I am going to surprise you.  But, just to whet your appetite, I want to introduce you to what I will be blogging about for the letter "I".

It involves this plant.  Her name is April Rose, but she is not a rose.  If you want to know her story, you'll just have to wait until "I" day.

Are you participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge?  Or, are you working on any challenges in your life?


  1. Glad to know you're doing the challenge as well! I'll be writing a poem a day for 30 days, following the A-Z guidelines - and while I've set up the templates for my 30 posts, I definitely haven't written them yet! I think I'll wait to be inspired each day. :)

  2. Looking forward to your posts through April, Alana!

  3. I so admire you "Pantser" types and wish I could do that, but I'm far too anal. LOL For example, I'm freaking out because only the first nine posts are finished. Looking forward to your posts, Alana. Enjoy the challenge!

  4. Two of my friends, their kids has AUTISM. The mental agony they go through and the challenges which I did hear from them brings a lump in my throat.

  5. Hadn't heard of this challenge, but it is a neat idea. Will watch for your post about the flower!

  6. Im so glad you posted this! I remember seeing it a few months ago but forgot where the info was. Thank you!! and good luck :)

  7. Looking forward to your posts Alana. That was quite a catch you threw in there. Very curious to see what you are going to come up with as I :D


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