Monday, March 16, 2015

Upstate New York Dreaming

All the leaves are brown.
Tree, west side of Binghamton, NY 3-14-15 - a pin oak?

And the skies are grey.
West Side of Binghamton, 3-14-15

I've been for a walk/On a winter's day.

I'd be safe and warm if I were....

Oh, what the heck.  The snow is melting.
Yards are reappearing.  Soon, the first crocuses and snowdrops will be visible.  And, isn't this birch tree beautiful?

The sap is rising.  The upper branches of trees are glowing red and yellow.  OK, it snowed yesterday, but I am in a forgiving mood.  It didn't stick.  It was above freezing.  Tomorrow, winter returns, though, and I admit to a bit of envy when I see temperatures in the 70's and 80's in other parts of the country. (On the other hand, the rapid thaw increases flood risk.)

Focus, AM.

This weekend starts the first of our annual Maple Weekends.

Think maple.  Luscious, slightly smoky local made maple syrup on some good buckwheat or buttermilk pancakes.  Or, maple yogurt.  Or maple cotton candy.  There's nothing like upstate New York when the snow starts to melt.

How sweet it will be soon.

Eventually, it will be our turn.


  1. You need to change the lyrics to "Here Comes the Sun" ... Spring is surely coming. I hope it gets here soon.

  2. I wish I could taste your maple syrup. I have to rely on honey, which in itself is a miracle of sweet, runny stickiness. But back to the brown leaves and the grey sky. They have beauty all their own. Those birch trees are indeed beautiful.

  3. Yeah, we had snow and ice overnight in Maine. BUT today it's supposed to get into the 40s. I am also looking forward to fresh maple syrup!!

  4. We have a few crocus and snow drop blooming next to our home. We have a maple that looks like that but we call a tartarian maple.
    Coffee is on

  5. Hi Alana :)

    Thanks for sharing :) Enjoyed reading and loved the pics!

  6. Love maple syrup! I've never heard of maple cotton candy, but it sounds heavenly.


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