Sunday, May 31, 2015

Civil War Sunday- The End or the Beginning?

The 150th anniversary commemorations for the United States Civil War have (for the most part) come and gone.  Even Disunion, the New York Times Civil War blog (well worth reading), will cease publishing after one more blog post in June.

So now what?  I have had a Civil War Sunday feature on my blog for the last four years.  Should I join the New York Times and quit?

I'm not sure.  I would like you, my blog readers, to help me decide.

A number of my readers are outside the United States, or live in the United States and enjoy history.  They tell me in the comments of my Civil War posts that they enjoy reading some of the history stories I tell.

Yes, "history stories".  History, after all, is not a boring collection of facts and dates you must suffer through to get a high school or college diploma.  It is the living story of the human race.  For me, the stories of the Civil War are interesting.  Battles, yes, but also some stories of those who participated in the war.  People we never would have heard of except for this war, which almost split our country apart.

I still have some photos on my iPhone that need to see the light of blog.  And there are the human stories - what happened to all those iconic figures of the Civil War after the war?  Jefferson Davis?  Robert E. Lee?  Ulysses S. Grant? (hint, he became a United States President, and he wasn't the only Civil War vet to become President, either).   Joshua Chamberlain, the quiet college professor who became a Civil War hero at Gettysburg? 

Did Captain Oliver Wendell Holmes really save Lincoln's life at a battle and call his President a "dammed fool" in the process?  (we don't know for sure, but we do know he later became an honored Supreme Court justice.) And what about the missing gold of the Confederacy?

I'd still like to write about the war, just because.  Perhaps not every Sunday, but I do want to continue.

The only question remaining is:  do you want to read about it?  Please comment below.

Starting tomorrow, incidentally, I will be participating in the 2015 FLX/Wordcount Blogathon.  This is the current incarnation of the first blogging challenge I participated in, in 2011.  Without that first Blogathon, I don't think I would be blogging today.

I encourage you to sign up.


  1. I think you should continue writing about the civil war and its people. Personally, I'm not a history buff, but you are, and you love writing about it. Write what you love. Peace!

  2. Yes, continue on. I love reading your stories!

  3. I echo Jeanne's comment, plus I enjoy your writing style and learning from you.

  4. I am not a CW buff, but hubby is and I will send him any related posts you do!

  5. Yes, continue writing about the Civil War. And the end of the official 150th anniversary doesn't really correspond to the reality. The Civil War's after-effects go on and on.


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