Thursday, May 14, 2015

One Last Time

Today, everyone in the northeast United States must be wondering what happened to spring.

Just as spring got going, so did our temperatures.  In the sudden heat, spring kicked into high gear.

We went from crocuses on April 7 to snow on April 24, and then it was back to spring.

West side of Binghamton
We went from anemones on April 28

to late blooming daffodils on May 7.... Bradford pears, which lasted about four days and then - poof! the flowers were gone.  Same for the crabapples that line my street.

My irises have buds.  My lilacs are in full bloom. (Hopefully they will last long enough for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day tomorrow.

And now, this morning, we are under a frost advisory.  Parts of our area are flirting with frost producing temperatures.  Our tender plants are under cover this morning.

You have to understand winter withdrawal.  After month after month of snow, everything was blooming at once.  Last Friday, I came close to taking a picture of a forsythia blooming next to an early lilac, but my iPhone was too full of photos.  You would have to be a flower gardener to understand that forsythias and lilacs don't usually bloom together - at least, they don't here in upstate New York.

The golden rays of sun and the warm temperatures make you want to dance, and to forget there was ever such a thing as below zero temperatures.

Now, cold weather says "one last time!"  This teaches us that nothing in life is permanent. (And, that you shouldn't plant your tomatoes too early - which we didn't.)

How is your weather?


  1. We have the same thing here at Lake Tahoe! Snow in the forecast. Ugh.
    You're flower photos are so beautiful, thank you for sharing them. I can almost smell the fragrance from here . . .

  2. This spring I planted a white lilac but I don't except any blooms for a few years...Coffee is on

  3. Hi Alana,
    Loved this post! You always post such beautiful pictures :) No nothing in life is permanent lol Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Iowa here, the weather 's been EXTREMELY flip floppy here.

  5. It's raining. Hooray. This is late in the season for rain for us, and it's unseasonably cold as well. So very nice...

  6. Yes, the weather is fickle or used to be at least when I lived in Toronto Ontario and suburbs years ago - snowstorm in June or perhaps July one year! - and here too in Vancouver BC. Perhaps it's everywhere?! ;) We had a seasonably warm spring with some unusual high temperatures for this time of year. Go figure! ;) <3

  7. Wow! I wish I had a flower garden like that! Except that I stay in an apartment on the 7th floor!
    I love those yellow ones in the second pic. I have a special thing for yellow flowers. They speak out to me.

  8. More rain today and very cool. Had to get out the frost blankets Wednesday night, just in case, then no frost. If I hadn't? Probably frost. Another day to spend indoors.

  9. It was the same in the UK, we didn't really have a spring this year either.

  10. Yeah, basically the same thing happened here in Maine. Frost on the car windows yesterday morning!

  11. Our spring has been iffy -- some nice days, mainly during the week, that have unfortunately disappeared over the long weekends we have in May!


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