Friday, May 1, 2015

Zozzled with Spring

Zozzled - a 1920's term for being drunk.

In upstate New York, we are zozzled with spring.
Rest Area, Catskill Mountains, New York Easter Sunday
It's been a long time a'coming.
Broome County Public Library April 13

First it was the crocuses.
Followed by the forsythias.
April 24

Then, some more snow last Thursday and Friday.  Not just snow, snow squalls.  Winter wanted one last dance with us.

Now, we turned the corner.  70's yesterday.  70's today.  It makes you want to dance.  We even had sunshine.
Our Front Yard 4-30


The last of our back yard bloodroot.

And grape hyacinths.

Weather forecasters are predicting 80F (26.6 C) by Thursday 

Winter is done.  The Zombied Snowcopolyse is over.  It's time for some zozzling.  Happy May Day!

Speaking of zozzling, I should be reaching my 2000th blog post later in May.  I just "may" prepare a special post for my 2000th.


  1. Happy May, indeed! We deserve a lovely, long spring filled with beautiful flowers like yours. Bye bye, winter!

  2. What lovely pictures! I'm just slightly North of you so flowers are starting to bloom but not like this!

  3. Congratulations. Spring looks lovely in your yard. I can almost smell those hyacinths.

  4. Awesome flowers! Wow! Look at those daffodils! Lovely

  5. Glad you're finally getting some warmer weather.

  6. Isn't it wonderful?! Spring is here... enjoy!

  7. Congratulations! Sorry for the delay. I'm still zapped from all the zozzling.

    I'd been holding off, but it got so hot here that I turned on my A/C for the first time.

    Have a nice weekend, Alana.

  8. I want to come to New York! I'm jealous that you're getting warmer weather. We're still struggling for warmth herein Scotland. I'm back to having the heating on during the day at times!


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