Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 2015-Stormy

I returned yesterday from a trip to my mother in law, who lives near New York City, to find my gardening welcoming me with some surprises.

In upstate New York, where my zone 5b garden is located (near Johnson City, New York), we were welcomed home with rain, and lots of it.

But also, there were some surprises, some brought to us by plants bought last year and blooming now for the first time.  So, welcome to my Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for June, 2015, as gardeners from all over the world gather to show what is blooming in our yards and houses.

Columbine origami blue and white. (OK, this one was purchased this year.)
First hosta of the year has blooms opening today.

My purple echinecea, bought last year on a clearance.

Astilbe grande mix, another plant from last year.
Yellow bleeding heart.

A heuchera.

Switching to annuals, my violas are still going strong.
One of my several geraniums.

I am always saddened as spring melts into summer, but I have learned to appreciate every minute of the growing season.  Most of all, I can appreciate us getting rain, but if I could, I would send it to California.  Last night, we had storms and a lot of rain-some locations in our area got up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) of rain.  Some neighborhoods had flash flooding, and we have another alert for tonight.

Hard to believe, as the sun is shining.

Visit May Dream Gardens to see what is blooming all over the world.


  1. Pretty. And yes, we'll take your rain out here if you want to send it.

  2. I loved this i wish i could have my own to Gardner

  3. Lovely blooms. My heucheras are blooming now, too, but my columbines are AWOL so far. Interesting that we do have plants in common though separated by hundreds of miles.

  4. Such lovely blooms and your Echinacea are just wonderful. Happy Bloom Day!


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