Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spring Things - Last Spring Fling

The end of spring is approaching at incredible speed, or so it seems to my middle aged senses.

Last night, I sat out in my backyard, looking at the plants and so grateful I can still enjoy my backyard.  Birds sing, a siren in the distance wails, and squirrels chatter.

June 17 is a day of some sadness for me, because it was my parent's wedding anniversary.  Their marriage lasted a little more than 14 years, as my mother died too young.  Later this year will be the 50th anniversary of her death.

But then, I think of all the beauty around me.  Unlike my mother, I am privileged to enjoy it and bring it to you, my readers.

So many plants are finishing their bloom times right now.  Here are some pictures taken in the last two weeks.  As it happens, all the flowers I chose today are white.  And, none of them belong to me.
It was a spectacular bloom year for catalpa, a native tree.  This specimen grows just a few feet from my property.
A Korean Lilac.  This was taken last week where I exercise walk in Binghamton, in upstate New York, but the blooms are still going strong today.
White peony.
Korean dogwoods, another plant still going strong today.

Finally, privets, which bring back memories of my childhood.  These are finally starting to fade, along with their heavenly scent.

Next week I start my Wednesday summer feature, which I am thinking of naming "Summer Ramblings".

Flowers are special to so many people.  What flower means something to you, and why?


  1. I never realized catalpa had such a lovely bloom. A few years ago I rescued a peony plant from a clearance rack. It finally has a bloom, but it is raining here again so not sure what it will look like if and when it opens.

  2. I'm not a big flower person. But your pics are lovely.


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