Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Ramblings - Lilies

In upstate New York, the lilies are in bloom.  Summer is officially here.

Today I bring you a little selection of these most versatile flowers.  Growing them, day lilies especially, is easy in our zone 5b climate - here's how.

Not all of these lilies are day lilies.  I must admit, I am far from an expert on lilies - day lilies, the various Asiatic lilies, stargazer lilies. hybrids, oriental hybrids, and more.  Let's just call them lilies.

Lilies come in so many colors, so many patterns.  Some have scent.  Another admission I must make is that the smell of some lilies, especially stargazers, is unpleasant to me. (You don't want to get their pollen on you or your clothes, either.)

Let's enjoy some Binghamton, New York area lilies, shall we?
This is part of the Broome County library garden, in downtown Binghamton, New York.  Imagine - a library with its own garden.

The garden contains shrubs, bulbs, roses, some works of art, and a picnic gazebo.  This is what it will look like in July.
On Monday, I found my first day lily of the year, in its final moments, in my front yard.  This is my earliest daylily, with more to come.
On the West Side of Binghamton, orange lilies.

Another orange lily.

I hope to feature more lilies in the next few days.

What is blooming in your area today?


  1. I adore lilies. I use to have some in a different home I planted years ago. I had them planted underneath a tree. I have drove past and the tree is no longer there. No the lilies. The memories will remain.

  2. beautiful whats blooming in your area, on my area nothing much yet.

  3. I love lillies too. We have quite a few of them here in our yard, as well as beautiful purple irises, my personal favorite. Don't you just love summer and what it brings?


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