Monday, June 8, 2015

The Golden Hour

We are getting close to our longest day of the year, here in upstate New York.  Spring will be over in a couple of weeks, as our all-too-short summer begins.

Today it is raining as I post this, and we have a chance for severe storms.  So I am thinking back a day or two, when it was sunny.

I love so what photographers call "the Golden Hour", the first and last hour of sunlight after sunrise, and before sunset.  When the angle of the sun is low, magic happens.  The light is soft, golden.  If you catch the moment right, everything glows.
You can see why it is called "The Golden Hour"
I love taking pictures of flowers, but trees glow in the Golden Hour, too.  You don't need any special equipment; all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone 4S.

So does this hanging basket, my Mother's Day present.
So does coleus.
I think this daisy came out nice.
All of these photos were taken on June 6.

The golden hour is longer the closer you get to one of the poles.  Of course, our Southern Tier of New York golden hour would be nothing at all like what they have in Alaska, but what we have still makes me happy.

I haven't tried some of the advanced techniques, such as rim lighting, that the professionals employ during the golden hour.  But going outside and dancing in the golden light and seeing how my pictures come out is good enough for me.

Finally, the sun started to go down and the Golden Hour was over.

Have you discovered the Golden Hour for photography, for art, or just to enjoy the light show?


  1. I love the golden hour, although I don't get out to shoot in it as much as I like. I'm also coming to appreciate the blue hour as well...I think because I had to - with shorter days & not getting out of work until late, that was the option.

    Nice photos! This would be a great post for my Photo Friday link-up ;-)

  2. You have reminded me to get out and get some pics of the lake at golden hour. Thank you for all your wonderful pics again, I love living in your garden!

  3. Hi Alana :)
    Great post and yes summer and the longest day of the year is around the corner :) Beautiful pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. Just love these photos and this is my favorite season. Your garden is amazing.

  5. What gorgeous photos - I need to take advantage of the golden hour more often.

  6. I never knew what it was called before. I do have some photos taken as the sun sets.

  7. I'm not up that early unless I'm on my way to work, but I could try the sunset.

  8. It sure been hot here in North Idaho. But for the summer solstice, aka Lithia we're holding a local celebration.
    Coffee is on

  9. Your pictures have captured the light in a special way. Yet, we can't impart the way that glow affects our mood. It's magical. At the moment here in England, the sky is light at about 3am and continues until 10pm. Wonderful and, as you say, all too short. The 100 blooms of the blousy, cyclamen rose, Mme. Yves Perrier, are abundant outside my window. I'll enjoy the moment.

  10. I didn't know there was actually a NAME to that time when taking photographs. I love it, too. Sunsets here on Lake Erie are gorgeous! That's the hour I typically run so I get to see the sun setting behind the trees. Lovely in the morning with the sun caught in the trees or on the flower as you have captured. Lovely.

  11. I've only recently read about golden hour and can see the effects in your pictures, Alana.


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