Saturday, July 18, 2015

Local Saturday - Blueing It Again

Blueberry season is here in upstate New York- a time of wistfulness, because it means that apples, and fall, can't be that far behind.

My spouse and I went blueberry picking recently, after work.  I look forward to U Pick because there are no thorns, and you don't have to crouch - something my arthritic knee appreciates.

Although so much of my time is taken up with long distance (soon to be local) caregiving, we try to find time to feed our souls - and our bellies.

 How to choose a berry to pick?  In the picture above, most of the berries are unripe.  The ripe ones are blue, and have a white "bloom" on them. 

Then what?

The  berries will last for a long time in the refrigerator.  Because of all our rain, the blueberries were just about the largest I have ever seen.  Or, you can read this post for a recipe featuring blueberries.

Health benefits of blueberries?  Where do I begin?

Every time I think about the harsh winters here in upstate New York, I try to balance them out with the wonderful summers full of local foods and vegetables. For now, I push away thoughts of winter and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Are any local foods in season for you where you live?


  1. Oh, how many times have I wanted to grow blueberries and then realized I have enough problems with deer and voracious rabbits and don't need to fight off hungry birds too.

  2. I bet blueberries would be good in a smoothie.

  3. We don't get good blueberries around here, but kill it with strawberries and raspberries! Can never get enough!


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