Saturday, July 11, 2015

Local Saturday - The Medicinal Farm

In September, 2011, my neighborhood (among others in the Southern Tier of New York) was flooded in the aftermath of our wettest summer in record, followed by two tropical storms in about two weeks.  The final blow was dealt by Tropical Storm Lee.

A number of homes were lost, lying vacant until they were demolished in the past few months.  But it wasn't just houses that were lost.  A number of commercial properties still lie vacant.

For one property, a 120,000. square foot building that has been vacant since the flood, there may be a tenant in the near future.  Someone is proposing a business that would have been illegal until recently in every state of the United States.  Yes, we are talking about...oh, let's just say - growing a certain plant that has medicinal uses.  Let's call it a medicinal farm.

Now, an indoor farm growing this plant  may help bring some of my neighborhood back to life.

If these people win their bid, it may be operational by January.

What's even more interesting than the article I've linked to are all the comments, pro and con, made on this article.  Either this is going to be a financial bonanza for our area, or we will all be heading straight to the hotter regions in a hurry.  I have my personal doubts about instant prosperity. And, what if there is another flood?

We have so many ruined buildings in our area.  One of them, some 640,000 square feet - the largest wood framed building in the United States at one time (in walking distance of my house, as is the possible indoor medicinal farm), still patiently waits - waiting for a planned demolition now about three years delayed.

If only....

If only prosperity was that simple.

What would you do if you heard this type of indoor farm was to be located near where you live?

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  1. It wouldn't bother me. I'm not a fan of those "medicinal" plants, but those who choose to partake...


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