Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Ramblings - More Lilies

Early summer is lily time.

Last week, I shared some lilies with you.

Today, I have more lilies for you. Although I will have a lot of "throwback" posts this month, I also hope to bring you a gift of fresh flowers each Wednesday.

These are lilies of upstate New York.
This is planted in a container, at the Broome County courthouse in Binghamton, New York.  In other words, a nice downtown lily.  Why not?  Lilies are hardy, and can grow in many conditions.
More lilies in another container at the same courthouse.
These beautiful lilies are now in full bloom in my front yard.
And finally, some yellow daylilies in my front yard.  Right now, I have three varieties of daylilies in my garden with another variety about to join them.

What are your favorite flowers?


  1. Alana, wow, I've never seen one like that top photo. Beautiful! I could never decide on my favorite flower, Alana. Although I have many favorites, usually it is whatever is blooming right NOW. I do favor blue flowers, however. And gladiolas. And old fashioned roses. And phlox. And perennial sweet pea. . . and . . .

  2. I love lillies. great pics especially the yellow and purple ones :)
    Popping by on the A to Z Road Trip

  3. I have to admit, lilies are one of my favourite flowers. I even called the heroine in my novels Liliha. after 'lily-of-the-valley', a miniature British wildflower. Day lilies offer a perfumed abundance that's hard to beat.

  4. Those lilies are so beautiful. My Mum is quite allergic to them, though!

  5. I love lilies. In India, we have some white ones that blossom around Easter time. Such a wonderful reminder of new life!


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