Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Ramblings - The Semi-Neglected Garden

Our garden, for all we are neglecting it during this period where we are commuting back and forth between our house and where my mother in law lives, some 150 miles away, has (once again) a mind of its own.

With us not around, it has decided to be bountiful, unlike the last two years when wild animals took most of what we planted before we could harvest anything.

For example, our earliest ever full sized tomato - July 21.  Not bad for upstate New York.  We think it is a Big Beef.  "Think" because, as usual, we end up not labeling anything.

No, I'm not going to put it into a mayonnaise and bread sandwich - not yet, anyway.  It's a tiny bit underripe, but if we had waited longer, an eager wild animal would have sampled it.

Our zucchinis have developed into war clubs. (Two liter bottle to give a scale.  We aren't growing them.)  Yes, we are going to find a use, and I hope to publish the recipe when things are less hectic.  We are going to welcome my mother in law home from rehab with this "secret recipe", hopefully soon.

Green beans. We planted Maxibel, a filet bean.  They grew bigger than they should have but it didn't matter - the flavor was heavenly.

These picked today, however, are Contender. These are already cut and ready for steaming.

Meanwhile, in our front yard, in a large pot, cucumbers.  We will see what comes of this.   We have problems with groundhogs (which ate my planted-out poinsettias from last Christmas when we were gone last time) so I don't count on anything.  In that way, I'm not disappointed (too much).

Gardens make their own schedule.  Maybe we should neglect our garden more?


  1. Yes indeed, a garden has a mind all its own. lol Weather and animals have a huge impact and sometimes you just have to pull the weeds and water and let it be. Great pics! Enjoy your vegetables!

  2. Wow great illustration about how we interrupt when we try to help something or someone who is trying to help themselves.

  3. Funny how the neglected garden is doing well. There's a lesson in that somehow.

  4. Every year when we do our garden it has a different result. Never tried growing Maxibel beans we did blue lake and Kentucky wonder.

    Coffee is on


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