Saturday, August 22, 2015

Local Saturday - There's No Place Like Home

After several weeks of having to travel about 150 miles from home every weekend, I am finally home to stay - and savoring every bit of the summer that remains.

For example, I have a couple of day lilies still blooming.  A red one, which I bought last year, is obviously a late variety.

But this yellow one has been blooming, a little at a time, since around July 5.  I can not believe the staying power of this short lily, almost hidden in a patch of oregano, but blooming away.

Some basil, complete with a bee in the upper left hand corner, in a pot in my front yard.

 A pepper plant in my front yard is finally bearing red peppers.

A Burpees bush cucumber plant, growing in my front yard, has already provided me with some cukes for pickles.  Protected by a fence, it is doing quite well despite neglect. But one end of each cuke is skinny - I've never seen this before.  They look like little balloons.  The skin is a tiny bit tough, but the taste is good.

Just about now, I should be offering some recipes to you, my dear readers.  But today, I won't.   Maybe later next week.

It's so good to be home at last.


  1. Your flowers are looking very beautiful, Alana and the peppers look like they are doing well!

  2. Very beautiful post, nice flowers :)

  3. You always manage to post the most beautiful and peace inspiring images. I love the second yellow flower the most.

  4. I'm glad the craziness of the last weeks have settled down for you, Alana. There's nothing as calming as the sight of a beautiful flower. Allow yourself the time to appreciate the beauty, and the peace of 'home'.

  5. Glad you have a semi-relaxing weekend for a change.


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