Saturday, September 12, 2015

Local Saturday - The Beginning of the End

Today, at the Otsiningo Park farmers market near Binghamton, New York, the signs were clear.
Champaign Grapes and Late Blueberries

The growing season is almost over.  In fact, blueberries are done, but this man, who also sells late summer strawberries, manages to have them.  As for Champaign (yes, that is how they are spelled here) grapes, they are also known as  Corinth, the black form of which is used to make dried "currents".
Just a week ago the market had dandelion greens and kale for sale.
Today, green and purple beans were still available.

But we are transitioning.  And soon, the winter produce will be all that is left - and jellies, and baked goods.

But, today, we purchased English mufins beans, a zucchini (our garden zucchini are long dead) and the champaign grapes, and dreamed of a summer without end.


  1. Alana - Today my mom cooked beans for lunch. :)

  2. I'd love to taste champaign grapes in the raw. You've shown some amazing pictures of what is available where you are. Our neighbour brought us some tomatoes he'd grown yesterday. He'd ripened them on his windowsill because of the inclement conditions--too much rain.

  3. Oh, nothing like fresh veggies...:-) I love to go with the four seasons- and whatever is available- and fresh. Love zucchinis:-)

  4. Just had some zucchini yesterday. Store-bought. And there's been a recipe for zucchini brownies making the rounds around these parts, but I haven't had the chance to try them.

  5. I love grapes! We enjoy going to the fresh market (we call it 'monda') down the road from us, Alana. I have never seen purple beans before.


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