Thursday, September 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Hold Me Closer Tony Danza

I'm having some problems with my hearing, but even before now, I've had some problems with mishearing song lyrics.

I think it's just the nature of the rock n'roll music that I like.

I am far from the only one.  In fact, there is a technical term for it, one of the surprising things you will learn in this post. If you don't get anything else from this post, you would have increased your vocabulary by one word.


Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza

Have you been guilty of mishearing song lyrics, to sometimes comic results?

I have.  I bet you have, too. A number of websites exist for the purpose of discussing song lyrics and allowing people to discuss lyrics that other people have misheard, sometimes with quite comic results. 

There is even a name for this - mondegreens.

Take the song "Tiny Dancer", by Elton John.  I love that song.  I have several of the earlier Elton John albums, such as Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys, Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Piano Player and Yellow Brick Road.  Plus, one of his greatest hits albums.

I've spent countless hours, since the early 1970's, listening to these songs. (I will also admit I am not partial to his later work.)  I clearly hear "Hold me closer, tiny dancer". But somehow, I never realized that young Tony Danza had crept into the lyric when I wasn't looking.

"Tiny Dancer" came out in 1971. Tony Danza was born in 1951. The show "Who's The Boss" started in 1984.  So, Tony Danza must have been pretty young - about 20, to be exact - when he appeared in the lyric, only 13 years after the song came out.

For the record, I never have watched the TV show Friends (the show that immortalized the "Young Tony Danza" lyric), so no wonder I was the last to know.

Until yesterday, that is. A tweet led me to the website Mental Floss (a wonderful magazine, by the way) which rated the "Ten Most Often Butchered Song Lyrics".

And "Tiny Dancer" was #1 on the list of most misheard lyrics!

Now, my personal most misheard lyric is the Bruce Springsteen/Manford Mann's Earth Band classic "Blinded By The Light.".

Meanwhile, on the other side of Atlantic, the BBC has had its own fun with mondegreens.

I must admit, in more than one instance, that the wrong lyric makes more sense than the right lyric.

Do you have a favorite misheard lyric?  Or have you been singing the wrong lyric of a particular song for years?

Today's post is part of the #Septemberchallenge over at Everyday Gyaan.  


  1. Ah that's one more word that goes into my vocabulary. I enjoyed the video too. My cousin and nephew were famous for their mondegreens - the stuff of family legend!
    My nephew somehow managed to turn 'Mambo Number 5' into 'Miss Babu in the Fack'!
    Off to check out the links. Thanks for the laughs on a rainy Thursday evening, Alana.

  2. Oh, Alana, this made me chuckle! I have a friend who is partially deaf, and she has a twitter account devoted solely to what she mishears, oftentimes hilarious results!

  3. Oh yes, I'm guilty of this. Not "Tiny Dancer", but other songs. Nowadays you can go on YouTube and watch a video with the lyrics printed for most songs. I see the teens doing this all the time.

    Love Mental Floss.

  4. Lol love this post, I have so many wrong lyrics songs, and I agree the wrong lyrics make more sense that the right ones...LOL


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