Sunday, October 18, 2015

Snow No

Yesterday, I was preparing for our first frost.

I was scurrying around after a busy day - the morning spent with my brother in law who has autism (I will blog more about that later in the week, perhaps), the afternoon doing various things including a walk on the west side of the small upstate New York city of Binghamton, New York.

Frost threatened so I said goodbye to my flowers.The Japanese anemones.  My mums.

 My nasturtiums.

 Meanwhile, my spouse harvested the last of our basil (he had efficiently stripped the leaves from most of the plants by the time I could grab my phone to take a picture.)

As I was taking in selected hanging baskets that I was going to attempt to save, this white stuff started to fall.

It was snowing.

Snow no.  After our tremendous fall - after temperatures being in the 60's F (about 15.5 C) last weekend, it never got past 45 degrees (7 Celsius), with biting winds, today.

I wore my winter coat for the first time.  The chill is still in my bones.
And I cut my last bouquet of flowers I knew would not survive the night.

May these memories tide me over during the winter to come.

And come it will.

I must end this post on a sad note, acknowledging the death of the son of a man I went to high school with due to injuries suffered in a fall a couple of days ago.  I will blog more about this on Falling Friday.   His significant other is a childhood friend, and reader of this blog.  May they both find comfort in the coming days.


  1. We had hail on Friday, but no snow here. Frost the last two nights but 70 degrees 'promised' for Tuesday.

    1. We are supposed to warm up, too. I hope so. The winds were not comfortable yesterday but we will adjust.

  2. Just as I was reading this, it started to rain here. I guess winter is really coming.


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