Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grateful for the Beauty of the Natural World

This week, I plan a week of gratefulness posts.  I can be thankful for many things this week, including family and good health.

The American Thanksgiving holiday is this Thursday.  On a news program called "Sunday Morning", a lot of the show was devoted to art and food.

It made me think about how beautiful our natural world is, and all the ways people find to appreciate it.

The show featured an artist who lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who paints with coffee and tea.

I invite you to explore his art and how he gets the colors he needs from coffee and teas from all over the world. Some of the paintings have an international vibe; others feature drinking of - what else, coffee and tea.

Some of his art is public, on the grounds of Duquesne University.

But art isn't just man made.

Outside my home in upstate New York, a couple of flowers are still blooming.  This has to be some kind of record and is so appreciated in an area just days from our first snowfall. (Michigan?  Colorado?  Thank you for bearing the brunt of winter so far).

White alyssum.  Soon to be a distant memory, but taking in some of the last rays of sun before winter weather hits.  Thank you to those who invented the iPhone camera.

Purple alyssum (which came out a bit blurry) right next to it.

I can also be grateful to the blogging community and I want to share some posts on art.

First, a Canadian blogger, Laurel at Alphabet Salad, who has been sharing her adventures with various type of art - zentangles, photography, and what she is learning in drawing class.

Second, a Nebraskan blogger, Amy, who shares her love of drawing.

And finally, all the bloggers who have blogged about adult coloring books.

So many of these things I have blogged about are visual, and I also think of a man I used to work with, who lost his sight, but not his love of music.  He is a drummer, and plays in a local band.

How do you appreciate the beauty of the world?

This is Day 22 of NaBloPoMo.


  1. Ah, zentangles... I was covering an art class where they were just starting those. They look like fun.

  2. I saw I believe was Sunday Morning, about the artist who painted with coffee and tea. Nice looking work.
    I understand a lot of adults are coloring and I'm thinking of getting my client a coloring book for Christmas. Coffee is on


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