Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fall Fancies - O Tannenbaum

This is the last Fall Fancies Wednesday post for 2015.

Next Wednesday I begin, I mean, Winter Wonders.  Never mind the unseasonable temperatures we've had in upstate New York. Yesterday, it got into the 60's F (17 C).  It will cool off by the weekend (we may have snow Saturday) but, by Christmas Eve (December 24) it will be back in the 60's.

And, on December 21, winter begins.

Or, so they say.
When you live in an area that normally has snow on the ground in December, it can be hard to get into what we call the Christmas spirit.

But the Tioga County Historical Society is going to help us.  Located in the small town of Owego, New York, they hold a fundraiser every November and December called O Tannenbaum.

Here are some highlights.

A display called "Memories".

A nutcracker.
An overview of some of the wonderfully decorated trees, each up for auction.

Is it a holiday season where you live?  What does it look like?


  1. The weather is weird all over. Is this El Niño I wonder, or something more? For us in England El Niño is supposed to be cold. It isn't that. Unless it's waiting for us just around the corner..

  2. For us to see snow, we must drive about two hours and up a mountain. At least it isn't going to be in the 80s this year.

  3. The trees are neat our local hospital for a fund raiser auction off trees and wreath.
    Never bought one they go for more then what I can afford.
    Coffee is on


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