Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Flowers of December

I should be saving this for my Winter Wonders Wednesday feature, but Wednesday may be too late.  Monday night into Tuesday we are supposed to have our first storm of the season, and these flowers may be gone.


Outdoor flowers.

In upstate New York.

Imagine that.

My spouse and I took a walk and a drive yesterday and this is what we found. 

An aster, in front of an old factory building scheduled for demolition next year.

A viburnum, at Cutler Botanical Gardens in Binghamton, New York.  The white flower didn't want to come into focus, but it's there in the middle.
This is a normally spring blooming Lenten Rose in my back yard.  The ants are loving it.  I don't know if the ants are responsible for all the holes in the flowers.

The crocuses in my yard are up (not flowers, but the foliage), and our daylilies have resprouted.  Ours aren't the only daylilies resprouting - this is at Cutler Botanical Gardens.

And finally, a blurry mystery - a plant with buds, and small white flowers.  My iPhone 4S just wouldn't cooperate, but I suspect this is a different variety of viburnum.

I don't know whether to be overjoyed, or frightened.  Meanwhile, other parts of the United States are paying for our mild weather -the ultimate price - tornadoes, floods, and death. 

What will happen next?

And here I am, chronicling it on my blog.

What has your weather been like?


  1. Weather here is still very warm and humid, but change is on the the way - blustery, stormy weather. We are under a tornado watch until mid-afternoon and it's supposed to cool off rapidly after that. Temperatures are forecast to dip into the 30s tonight.

  2. Nice to see the flowers and the greenery around.

  3. Interesting - good that they are still blooming with the harsh weather otherwise.


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