Saturday, January 23, 2016

Local Saturday-When Location is Everything

Today, a lot of the coastal Northeast United States is under blizzard conditions.  Winter has kicked in, and in a big way.  Our nations capital is shut down, and may have their highest snow total ever.

It all depends where you are.  Coastal areas are experiencing flooding.  But, elsewhere, a party atmosphere holds, as people come out and play.
These are the "Rocky Steps" in Philadelphia, famous as the 72 stone steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that film character Rocky Balboa runs up in several Rocky movies.  Today, children and college students sled down them.

About 90 miles away, in New York City, tourists and residents walk and cross country ski in Times Square. (This is a live picture taken at 3:15 pm by our Weather Channel, and I did not photoshop in the gloom from the heavy snow in progress.)
Meanwhile, where I live, inland, in upstate New York, we missed the storm all together.

All we have is a coating of snow on the ground and on a frozen creek.
In my back yard, frozen Lenten Rose flowers add some winter interest.

I even have some parsley left in my back yard.

I know that the next storm may hit us, and miss the coast.  That's how winter works around here.

But, in the meantime, I'm happy we missed this storm.


  1. What simply awful weather! But it's amazing how you captured the beauty in the storm

  2. Glad you are safe and sound. This is my first time visiting. I love your description of yourself -- "the importance of chocolate in a well-lived life." Couldn't have put it better myself! :)

  3. Gosh! That's such a bad snow storm. My cousins in NY have sent pictures as well and we are all awe struck with that much snow. How are you all dealing with all that?
    But let me tell you, I loved those pictures. You have found beauty there! :)

  4. Same thing here in Maine - totally missed this storm this time! I think it's a reprieve after the winter we had LAST year!


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