Saturday, February 13, 2016

Local Saturday - Weekly Blog Roundup #5

Locally, it is cold.  2 F translates into -16C.  It will be a good day to stay in and write a Weekly Blog Roundup.

I wanted to devote tomorrow to a special Valentine's Day post, so I am using my normal Local Saturday feature for my Weekly Blog Roundup.

Because tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I thought about posting links blog posts about love.  But, I don't want to limit myself.  One post, in particular, was so powerful that it couldn't wait and it's not about love.

It isn't just the United States, and it isn't just Bill Cosby.  A powerful post written by a Canadian blogger about a topic too many of us want to avoid.

All children love snow, don't they?  They love snow days, don't they? And they love ice cream, don't they? How about Amy in Nebraska blogging about the best of all worlds - snow ice cream during a snow day at home? (not your typical snow day, though.)

But, on the other hand, Roy asks us if there is such a thing as being pure as driven snow.  You may not like the answer. (Good news, though - there is good news.)

Moving indoors, Amy in Nebraska blogs about her vintage Frigidaire Flair Stove.   I'm older than this stove, but I suspect many of my readers are not.  If you love to bake, you must read this.

Especially when I read an article about a 78 year old blogger from Brooklyn who blogs about...well, a subject not too many of us want to think about on Valentine's Day, I think of several women I know who are widowed.  Death, after all, is part of life.  Some of us learn that lesson early in our lives.  For others, it takes much longer.

Speaking of death, another blogger, Barbara Baird, died this past week from cancer.  Blogging under the name of Purple Death Hawk, I did not know of her until I read an online tribute to her (link, below). 
Here, Barbara speaks of regrets. 

Finally, the online tribute to Barbara Baird, written by K'Lee,  which reminds us to Cherish Life. 

I hope you find value in this weekly roundup.  Next week, it will return to its normal Sunday spot.


  1. Lots of great posts here! I'm going to grab a cup of tea, get under the covers and read!

  2. Enjoyed this thank you for this little escape

  3. Thanks for sharing such lovely posts in one post.

  4. Nice round up. I hope I get time to visit the posts suggested by you.


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