Friday, February 19, 2016

Ready for a Challenge?

"Write to find yourself, to wake your soul" says Vidya Sury, a distinguished blogger from India who will be co hosting a challenge this April.

Are you ready to join me in being challenged?

Like over a thousand other bloggers, I am going to spend six days a week, all through April, on a pursuit that will take hours of my time: the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

As I blogged last year: "We all know what it is like to overcome challenges.  This one sounds so simple.

On April 1 you blog about something beginning with the letter A.  On April 2, something beginning with the letter B.  Rinse and repeat (rinsing is optional), six days a week.  We get Sundays off.

A lot of people like to preplan their posts.  Quickly, you learn that you have tons of ideas for "C" and not so many for, say "Q".  But I am what is called, in the trade, a "pantser".  I don't like to plan.  So I did preplan some posts for the first week but after that, it may just be a high wire act."

I completed the challenge, and I loved it.  I still read several blogs I discovered in last year's Challenge.

I used the theme "America the Beautiful" and vowed to use some of the never published photos residing in my poor, overstuffed iPhone.  It worked well.

What am I going to do this year?  This is a year where I chose the word "determined" as my word of the year.  I am feeling a bit spiritually adrift, knowing I will be going into a new phrase of my life in not too many years, and not sure where I want to go from here.

On February 22, signups for a day of Revealing your Theme begin. 

So, what is my theme?

You'll find out on the day of revealing - March 21.  I hope you will be intrigued enough to read my posts for the entire month of April.

Until then:  will you join me in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge?


  1. Looking forward to your reveal and posts in April. I have half of my posts done but have yet to write my reveal post.

  2. I am so excited about this!! :)

    I already have my theme in mind and this would be my third consecutive year.

  3. Very amusing idea. I would love to challenge myself.

  4. Exciting! I am going to look into doing it too possibly. What a great way to kick start some creativity.

  5. I never blog on weekends, so that sort of challenge would leave me unsatisfied.
    But I Pass Willfully- the four letters that i would miss...

  6. this sounds really interesting! I'm popping over to check it out - I haven't done that many posts in a month for a long time, but I guess some could be short and sweet when time is at a premium. Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to finding out your theme later down the track :)

  7. Most years (I haven't done it for this year's--yet--but I've still got time) I set up my "back up plan" that I end up using very little of. There's something nice about knowing there is a plan for the letter if something else doesn't come along.

  8. I run a number of challenges myself, I love the way it pushes me to write a little differently than I would just on my own. Good luck with the challenge, I know you'll kill it!

  9. Sounds like a good challenge! I like challenges that leave some room for creativity.

  10. I love all challenges! I'm looking forward to the A through Z one. I don't seem to have much of a problem with "Q," but"X"??? Oh my. I do have an idea, however.

  11. I've signed up for this challenge and looking forward to it! My first challenge I did was the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January and that got me hooked. They will be doing another challenge in April also so I'll have to get thinking!


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