Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup #7

Welcome, everyone, for my Weekly Blog Roundup, seventh edition.

At this time, I intend to continue this roundup through the end of March, as it is so much fun to give shout outs to fellow bloggers.

Here are some of my favorite posts of the week.

Alice's Grand Adventures lead her to a mosque and a fascinating discussion of what she learned.

Kimberly explains to writers why we must make our characters suffer.

Marian gives us a peek into how a story can begin from a little throwaway thinking scrap.

Leanne blogs about regrets:  What would you change if you could?

Gilly blogs about an abandoned Jewish cemetery rotting away behind a car wash.

Denise asks: do we google ourselves?  Or others?  It's interesting what you may find.

Green diva Brigette blogs about dry skin and the many things we can do to help our bodies and skin hydrate.

Here are some about philosophy:

Techniques and steps for overcoming discouragement.

Do we live life as if we were being chased?

Thank you for reading - and, please, pay the blog love forward.  Tag a blog you enjoy today!


  1. Thanks for the roundup, Alana. Looks like some good reads!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I am always interested to see what blogs others are following.

  3. Fun post! That's a nice eclectic group of links to read.

  4. I's been a while since I stop in and now I'll check out some of these blogger and might even leave a comment

  5. Thank you for sharing my blog post with your readers!

  6. rarely do i get to read such reading lists or roundups.. thanks a lot for sharing these reads...

  7. I'll surely check out these blogs you mention...Reading someone new always gives a new perspective to life and writing...Have a nice week.

  8. Alana, it's wonderful that you are serving as a content aggregator and highlighting good work


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