Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Drill Me, Floss Me....

Another trip to the dentist.

This time, it's fallout from a wisdom tooth extraction done two years ago.  An impacted wisdom tooth (tooth #1 in dental talk), at the ripe old age of 61  started to rot, like my body was attacking it.  The dental assistant said she had never seen anything quite like it.

It was not an easy time, both before and after that extraction.  I will spare you the details.  You're welcome.

(In case you are wondering: No, I never got them out as soon as they started to erupt, like people usually do nowadays. In my childhood they didn't believe in taking them out when you were in your late teens- at least, my dentist didn't.)

Now, that #1 wisdom tooth, long gone, has become the gift that keeps on giving. The tooth (what dentists call "tooth #2) next to the late wisdom tooth had developed a cavity before the wisdom tooth was pulled - blocked in a way that it couldn't be treated.  After the wisdom tooth was pulled, they were able to treat the cavity, but the damage was done.

So, about two weeks ago, the area became infected, and the infection had to be treated before anything else happened.   Now, it appears, the reason behind the infection was a chip from that two years old wisdom tooth extraction.

So yesterday, I was back in the dental chair again, getting drilled, scaled and worked over in an effort to get that wisdom tooth chip out.

It reminded me of this Weird Al song, a parody of a U2 song called "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" .  Although, come to think of it, I was never flossed.

And I may not be done with this, either.

Many people fear dental work.  I don't- not yet, anyway.

So, dental work - does it scare you? Or do you treat it as a part of life?


  1. I'm a bit of a fanatic about my teeth so going to the dentist is no problem. I still have all my wisdom teeth.

  2. I am very scared after a couple of extraction and emphathize with the pain caused. Last time, I had an extraction, crashed on the floor!! Hope you are fine now.

  3. I never had a cavity or dental problem, until I met a bus. (I was on the bike.) Yech!

    1. Yeowch. My nemesis was an icy brick sidewalk and a total lack of "put out your arms to catch yourself" reflexes. Went down just like a tree.

  4. It's part of my life these days, but becoming a larger part the older I get. Yuck. Root canals and implants are not fun.

  5. Hope you like your dentist. I hated dental work and dentists and then, I started looking at it as maintenance. Better.

  6. It scares the S**t out of me!!! I hate dentists, I pray I don't have to visit one ever. But you are really brave!
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  7. Ugh, dental issues. I had a severe infection pop out of nowhere last year, and my husband has had a tooth break with complications. We are full time travelers so it has been "interesting" to compare treatment options and prices in places as diverse as Darwin (Australia), Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and Sigatoka (Fiji). Our Fiji dentist is our favorite. His prices are about 20% of what we would pay in the US. I had UV teeth whitening from him for about $50usd. Six years ago in Minneapolis my then dentist was going to charge $300. What a racket.

  8. This is the second post on dental work I've seen today. I've never really sweated going to the dentist. I still have all my wisdom teeth--long story, that.

    1. What will they do when we get to "D" Day?

  9. My wisdom teeth was all out before I turn 18. The only reason when I was in middle school (Jr High) I had braces. And if I didn't get them out they could possible be pushed forward.
    Friday I'm heading to the dentist and cleaning also have them check out the filling I lost.
    Coffee is on

  10. Erg. I have to have my wisdom teeth removed. At 45 years of age. My mouth is big enough for them, but unfortunately, years of acid reflux (corrected with surgery) have taken their toll. They've all been filled... and at my last dentist checkup, was told my wisdom teeth were fine.

    Then, a week or so later, the back of #1 tooth, which 'faces' the back of my mouth and my jaw, decided to fall out. (I must have swallowed it. Yum.)

    So... I'll need them all out, as they have decay that will get worse as I age.

    And to make matters super-fun, I'm severely allergic to lidocaine, so I can't have the usual removal in their clinic. I have to be hospitalized. Just praying insurance will cover it.

    Good luck with your woes!

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  11. When I broke my front tooth, I literally hid in the back of my closet from the dentist (who was our neighbor, just a few doors down). When he explained how they did crowns, I think I must've tried to crawl under the couch. I didn't have all that done till my mid-20s. :) It's a darned sight better than bonding - at least now I can eat apples.


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