Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Do You Prove You are Young at Heart?

Age is just a number, and my number is located in the 60's.  Which puts me into a grey area.  Literally.

That number isn't quite like a Sleep Number on a particular brand of mattress sold here in the United States.  If you figure out your correct sleep number, and you then buy their mattress, you will have the best sleep ever. Or so the advertising goes,

No, sleep numbers aren't the same as ages.  Many women won't even reveal their ages.  I'm past that.  Somewhat. (See above).

Not only that, the dividing line between middle age and being a senior is a blurry line, and not because of middle-aged vision.

But, the other day, I ran into a fascinating survey on a Mid Life blogging group I belong to.  I'm on the far side of midlife, but here I am in that group, and I enjoy reading posts by many of its members.  The survey is not public, so I can't link to it, but I will share (with a slight edit) one of the questions:

"...What kick-ass things are you doing in life that prove "age ain't nothin' but a number"?


Do I REALLY need to do any kick-ass things to prove my age ain't nothing but a number?

I ran down the list of activities I consider to be kick-ass.  And this is what I concluded.  I am not a kick-ass person.  I:

-do not skydive.
-do not jet ski.
-do not mountain climb.
-do not do zip lines.
-do not participate in triathlons.
-do not white-water raft....

Well, you get the picture.

This is what I do, instead.  I think the art of considering age as just a number and being young at heart consists of
1.  Curiosity, and wanting to learn more about the world around you,
2.  Be willing to try new things (and that can be HARD),
3.  Feeling gratitude for being alive, and
4.  Being true to yourself.
Not My Flowers, but still

I love flowers.  I like being around flowers.  They help make me feel grateful that I am alive, as they surround me with their beauty.  I never tire of being around flowers.
Downtown Binghamton, New York

 I like to look at clouds on my lunch hour.  They sometimes make me thing of a song.   I really don't know clouds at all.
Historic House  Bath, New York

I admire old buildings.   I wonder about the stories the walls within have witnessed.
Anthony Road Winery, Penn Yann, New York

I will drink wine and visit wineries (I live a bit more than an hour away from wine country) from time to time.  In fact, learning more about wine had started as a "trying something new" and is slowly evolving into what could be a lifelong learning experience.
Back to clouds.
June 3
I take pictures of sunsets from time to time.

I want to remain physically active, and I exercise each day in hopes of preventing more falls.  I've had several of them already.  I've been lucky.  I haven't hurt myself badly.  The next time, I may not be so lucky.

So, how would I respond to that questionnaire? How do I prove that I am young at heart? That I want to have a zest for life for the rest of my life, but not a kick-ass zest?  Learning something new each day, blogging, taking pictures, and being grateful for being alive, is where I want to be right now.  

Hopefully, I can continue to be among the  young at heart.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to water my flowers and listen to the neighborhood birds.


  1. I don't ever feel I have to prove that at all. But, then, again, I've pretty much been an adherent of...
    You can't stop growing older. You just don't have to grow up.

  2. Am unsure, what to comment. This post of yours made me sit and think. Am glad that you are crystal clear in what you chose to do. At times, it is the self realization which makes a person so lovely (like the one in you).

  3. Lovely post. Age is just a number. I am in my 40s and I love to do so many things which I could not do as a 30 year old. I also love to be with flowers and surround myself with them. Happy blogging.

  4. Love this post! I recently saw an article someone wrote about how we should "stop saying we're too old to" do certain things. Those things were things like kayaking and jumping out of airplanes and riding roller coasters. I pointed out that some of us have no desire to do ANY of those we use that as an excuse. So I guess we should just say instead, "I don't want to do that!"

  5. Wonderful post! Sometimes, the most kick-ass thing I do is drag my carcass out of bed in the morning. ha! Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, and for including the place names. They bring back such wonderful memories of visiting my mother when she lived up there. :)

  6. Nope, no skydiving/ziplining/whie water rafting here, either. My daughter can represent our family in that respect. You're right, though, about keeping yourself open to new experiences.

  7. Yeah, I've never been a daredevil, so none of those things even sounds appealing. Let me sit and knit any day. (And let me create my own designs. That's fun.)

  8. I love how you describe your version of being young at heart because it's so close to mine. Skydiving is not on my bucket list, I love old houses and pinned yours, and if there's a winery, I'm there.

  9. Very well written. I for one don't think that those kick ass activities are an indicator of being young at heart. I am 31, and I am not a kick-ass type person either. Never have been. By that reasoning, it means that I was born old. I like your list far better. :)

  10. Hey Alana you are as young as you feel. Yes age is a number but that doesn't define YOU. I love your attitude . In my mind I'm only 5 ( actually I'm 58!) so it's ok for me to have a tantrum once in a while, lick my icecream cone and wear mismatched clothes.

  11. I'm 56 years for what every that worth
    Coffee is on

  12. Lovely post Alana. Being grateful to be alive and being true to oneself must indeed be the requisite to stay young at heart. You need not go and jump from the mountains or swim with the sharks to feel alive. It is wonderful to stay close to nature, amongst the flowers, appreciating their beauty and be their in the moment. My husband told me a few months ago that his father who turned 70 this year said to him he has seen it all in his life. He got his 3 children married, seen his grandchildren and now he awaits death. This made me sad. I am 35 now and more freer than free in my mind than I have ever been in my life until now. Hope I will grow old going by the same values as yours Alana.

  13. I'm 61 and you've echoed many of my sentiments as well, Alana. ☺ Everyone's definition of "kickass" is different. To me, travelling and going to rock concerts is pretty kickass. We do those things frequently. Having long, white hair and thumbing my nose at convention is another kickass thing I'm doing. It's all about being yourself and doing what you want. That'll keep you young!

  14. You do not have to do something dangerous to be or feel young at heart. I will be turning 45 in a few years. I am disabled to where I feel much older some days depending on much my body hurts. Going out and being active helps me to eel young at heart. Doing things i find fun and make me laugh, make me feel young at heart. I also helps to have a boyfriend 10 years younger. people think I am much younger than I actually am.

  15. I'm with you on the kick-ass--unless we define kick-ass as curiosity and willingness to try new things, even if it's just going downtown in the evening to hear a play reading. kick-ass is in the mind of the beholder.


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