Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer Ramblings - A Late Summer's Afternoon Walk

In about a month (give or take a week), summer, the growing season will be a memory. 

Our sunflowers have already stopped blooming.  The last of the late summer/early fall flowers are opening - asters, late hydrangea, sedum.

Yellow jackets seem to be a little less aggressive.  Hopefully, I'm right, as I've not had the greatest of years with insect bites. 

Trees are already shutting down, due to our drought.  I'll be able to share fall foliage pictures with you sooner than normal.

Today, let me take you on a quick summer walk through the West Side of Binghamton, New York.  I am moving my Summer Ramblings feature to Tuesday, this week, as tomorrow is World Gratitude Day.

One more summer walk, as fall starts Thursday morning.

Roses are still blooming, and not just Knockout types that keep blooming and blooming.  I don't think I've ever seen this plant blooming so late in the year.

Cosmos are thriving, too.  Yellow here.
Orange there.

And I don't even know what these are, but they sure are pretty.

So hard to believe that fall will start in two days, but nothing stops the changing of the seasons.  See you in our fall.  And, stay tuned for my post tomorrow for #WorldGratitudeDay.


  1. Those flowers are so pretty. I'm sad to see summer end. I'm not ready for the cold, gray days of winter with barely any sunshine. I am looking forward to everyone's posts of the changing colors of the trees. We have mostly pine out here in Idaho so no amazing colors to ushed in the cold n' snow. - I think your cosmos are my favorite. :)

  2. My Cosmos have faded away but roses are getting a second wind. Your pink and white rose looks like some kind of wild species?

  3. Late afternoons are blooming to the flower scents in your part of the world:)


  4. Although I will miss the flowers and all the beautiful colors of summer, at least I know that Fall promises it's own beauty.

  5. Ah yes, fall. Hoping for cooler temps. And the rain that we had a 30% chance of seeing today. (Didn't happen. Sigh.)

  6. Enjoyed these beautiful blooms as the season ends. Cosmos have finished their blossom period here. Awaiting the fall colours!

  7. I do enjoy your bright and colorful ramblings!


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