Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Last Leaves of Summer

Today, the sun rises on the last day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  It will set tonight on the first day of autumn.

After today the plunge into winter begins.  Daylight falls under twelve hours.  The sun angles change.  

Since leaves turning are a big part of the enjoyment of fall in upstate New York, I want to bring you some variegated leaves from the flower gardens my spouse and I maintain in our small city yards.  these are ornamental, not tree, leaves.

I concentrate so much on the flowers, I forget about the leaves.  I took these pictures yestserday, on the last full day of summer.

I am grateful for these plants - iresene, in the front.

Calibrachoa (I think it may be Celebration Sun)

Lantana Stephanie - it loved our hot summer (and that is continuing into fall).

The bloom season of this euphorbia is more into the spring but the variegated leaves carry on all summer.
Last but not least - pineapple mint.

Farewell, summer.  Hello, autumn.


  1. So pretty! I have a lot of shade so am always looking for lovely foliage- love those beautiful red leaves!!

  2. Now, the move to indoor gardens, I presume...

  3. Pretty leaves. I'm hoping for a wet winter. We could use it.

  4. Hi, I'm in your part of the world for this season and am looking forward to the changing leaves - something I've never experienced in my tropical home . I'm a bit worried about the winter ( though I won't be here) as it will be my grand daughter's first experience with cold

  5. How beautiful are those leaves! I'm ready for the fall foliage to make its appearance!

  6. I been enjoying watching the leaves change colors.
    Coffee is on

  7. I hope Winter would be good to you. And that's some great clicks! I especially loved the Celebrations Sun :)


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