Tuesday, October 4, 2016

If Ever I Should Leave You

Welcome to Day 4 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge. 

Years ago, an almost mandatory feature of a blog was something called a blogroll - a list of blogs a blogger enjoyed reading.

Blogger used to provide a way to link to the blog.  Along with the link, you could choose to have a short summary of the most current blog post.  It was interesting how that blogroll changed through the years, as my reading interests changed, or I found new blogs, or tried and true blogs I liked were no longer maintained.

But last week, my blogroll went missing.

This made me think about the blogs I really enjoy reading, because I had to chase them down and rebuild my blogroll.  Some of them I subscribe to by mail.  Others, I didn't subscribe - I would use the links in my blogroll to get to the blog.

There was only one little problem with my new blogroll.  Instead of calling it "Blogs I Enjoy Reading" I called it "Blogs I Enjoy Leaving".

Here's a helpful hint about blogging.  Never work on your blog when you are tired and are thinking of other things.
Erie Canal, near Pittsford, New York, October 2016
Like this beautiful, historic scenery.

Fortunately I found the mistake rather quickly!

So if you were listed on my blog, but no longer are, please know that you are not forgotten.

While I rebuild the blog roll (I'm not done yet), I am revisiting blogs I visit often, and blogs I rarely visit, but enjoy when I am there.  I've had some good reading experiences, so this incident hasn't been all bad.  In the meantime, I am more grateful to my readers than ever.

I don't intend to leave you, despite anything Blogger does to my blog.

Happy October!


  1. Ha ha, that Freudian slip is pretty funny!

  2. I had the same experience and blogged about it last week. What a pain. They just disappeared.

  3. I remember blog roll! I was a member of all the various blog thingies, but I don't see them anymore. Seems everyone has moved to facebook groups and the like (which is how I found you)!

  4. Yeah, I'm terrible about having a blog roll. I meant to get around to it, but it was too much trouble (and I read way too many blogs). Maybe someday.

  5. That's such a bad thing to happen when we lose blogs on our reading lists. Hope you get to retrieve them.

  6. Sorry about your missing blogroll - but the title made me giggle.

  7. Looks like you got your blogroll back (or re-created it). Glad to hear it! I don't like blog glitches and issues!


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