Sunday, October 16, 2016

Local Sunday - Ithaca Farmers Market

Nature is beautiful.  A farmers market only reflects some of that beauty. Come with me to visit a fall Saturday market in upstate New York

A market about an hour away from where I live, located in the college town of Ithaca, New York is my favorite for sheer beauty.  It is a feast for the eye and the stomach.

There is a walking trail to the market, which is located in an area called Steamboat Landing.  You can see the market in the distance.

You are greeted with garlic, onions and other seasonal vegetables.

The produce in the early morning light of October, as the last harvests come in.
Peppers in all colors.
The chance to experience something different, such as these spilanthes.  Until today, I never experienced anything quite like them.
A festive ceiling.

As much as I enjoy going to local farmers market, I must admit to looking forward to my annual visit to Ithaca every October.

Day 16 of the #Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. A great reason to wake up early on a Sunday!! Farmer markets are a lot of fun....

    1. They are fun, and a way to support local businesses.

  2. I really love a farmers market. Not to metion the fact that I really love visiting Ithaca! What a great place that is. Beautiful pictures and interesting story.
    Thank you for those beautiful images.

  3. This is a beautiful post! I You might want to consider linking it to this challenge that just discovered. The theme for this month is veggies. :)

    1. I looked at the challenge - we'll see! Thanks for thinking of this for me.

  4. I love the markets and always like to take pictures of veggies and fruits.

  5. I so love all your market posts. How I long for market visits like these with such fresh produce!!


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