Friday, December 30, 2016

Skywatch Friday - Last of 2016

This is the last #SkywatchFriday post of the year and I will leave you with two shots.

A rare midday sunny sky in our part of upstate New York. Nothing unusual here except that the sun is shining and you can see blue sky.

Christmas sunset.

May your 2017 be merry and bright, with only beautiful skies, and the best sunrises and sunsets.

Please visit other Skywatch Friday sites, and a Happy New Year to you.


  1. Interesting building at the center of the first shot...

  2. Beautiful pictures for the year end. Happy New to you. Looking forward to what you have to share in 2017.

  3. Wonderfully captured!

    Wish you a Brilliant 2017!

  4. I like the Christmas sunset shot. Have a Happy New Year!!

  5. beautiful skies... wish you a very happy new year :D

  6. Pretty blue sky. Sometimes a gray sky is a good thing, though. (I'm thinking of the rain we're getting the last couple days, which we really, really need. And I'm enjoying. So, I'll forego the blue skies for the moment.)

  7. Lovely. Is that a Christmas wreath up so high?


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