Saturday, February 4, 2017

Local Saturday - Superbowl Meatballs in Red Pepper Sauce

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday in the United States - the last pro football game of the season, for the championship.   It has become a major party night (the game starts at 6:30 pm in our time zone)
for people, who invite family and friends over and eat mostly the most unhealthy food you can think of.

We do it a little differently.  We serve healthy foods such as homemade guacamole and salsa.  

This year, spouse also decided to make healthy meatballs.  This is (sort of) his recipe.

My spouse has been cooking for so many years that he just does things by instinct, so please don't trust these proportions.  Just go with the flow, as we like to say, and it will turn out fine.

I hope.  Herewith, Superbowl Meatballs in Red Pepper Sauce
1 lb mix of ground pork (ours was local) and 94% ground turkey (ours wasn't)
6 stalks green onions
2 large cloves of garlic
1/2 tsp each savory, ground up fennel
scant teaspoon salt
1 tbsp matzoh meal or dried bread crumbs
Cooking spray
One large red bell pepper
Small amount of chicken broth
Here's the savory and fennel, ground in a marble mortar
Red Pepper Sauce

Char a sweet red bell pepper on gas stove or in the oven under broiler until skin is black all around.

Stick in plastic bag let cool 1/2 hr.  Remove.  The charred skin will come right off.

Cut red pepper in half, seed, put in blender with some chicken stock for thick puree.  Put aside.

Combine all ingredients above, mix thoroughly, about 2 minutes
Make into little balls using about a heaping teaspoon of mixture per meatball
Using only cooking spray, spray a non stick fry pan.

Add meatballs and cook until brown all around.  Then, remove meatballs.

In the pan where the meatballs were cooked, add the red pepper puree and cook on low heat about 15 min.

Scrape the pan to get the fond (aka the yum-yums, it's the part of the meatballs that may have stuck to the pan) off.  If it is too thick, you can add small amt of water or chicken broth.

Add back the meatballs and cook on low heat about 20 minutes.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  If you indulge in this celebration, what do you like to serve?


  1. I am sure you've made a lip-smacking lot for the occasion! Being a vegetarian I cannot try meatballs, but we do have our own version, called koftas - comprising of minced veggies, potato mash, cottage cheese and bread crumbs.

    1. That sounds wonderful. There is a patty we make in my ethnic heritage with cottage cheese, matzoh meal (an unleavened bread ground up) and parsley-sauteed until browned. My husband bakes it in the oven with cheese and tomato sauce after it is browned, but that's not part of the tradition.

  2. Looks so delicious, we too make meatballs similar to this, but with a few different ingredients. You have made my days plan easier for me Alana - I have forgotten the meatballs for long, I shall add it in todays menu


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